Hanging a Work of Art with BeamClamp Connectors

Wrecker by Barlow at Carnegie Museum of Art

Museum curators have some pretty unique problems to solve. Statues, no problem, put it on a pedestal. Canvases, no problem, hang it on the wall. Modern art sculptures that needs to be hung from the ceiling - "Houston, we have a problem!" This may have been how John L. was feeling when he was charged with the responsibility of hanging the 600lb work of art that is pictured above! Connect Art to the Ceiling

A lot of people got involved in the project and in the end they decided to attach the sculpture to a metal I-beam in the ceiling with the help of a BeamClamp rigging point. BeamClamp I-beam connectors allow you to make a structural connection to an I-beam without the need for welding. This is really helpful when you work in a museum. The last thing you want to do is haul a welding torch 20 feet into the air of a building filled with priceless works! BeamClamp really made the ideal solution for this project, and the best part is, when it's time for the art to move or be relocated, the BeamClamp can go along to attach the hanging work of art in it's next installation location.

We love helping our customers find Simplified solutions to complicated problems. If you need to hang a heavy object to an I-beam, consider our rigging clamps or consult with our projects team to find out if any other of our fittings will help connect you to the ideal solution.

If you're into art, you might be interested in the artists perspective on this piece:

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