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Model: KRC062
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Product Description

PLEASE NOTE: The standard shackle available has the hole perpendicular to the length of the beam. The shackle shown with the hole parallel to the length of the beam is custom made and has a 2-3 week lead time.

The Adjustable Rigging Clamp is a self adjusting, ready to install rigging clamp capable of safe working loads of up to 5,000 lbs. The shackle connection allows loads to be applied up to 45°. The Adjustable Rigging Clamp can accommodate a variety of flange widths and thickness and is installed without the need for any drilling or welding to the support beam.

The Adjustable Rigging Clamp is available in five (5) standard sizes to accommodate any flange width from 4” to 24”. The Adjustable Rigging Clamp is designed to be self adjusting to the flange thickness from as little as 1/8” to as thick as 2-1/2”.

The Adjustable Rigging Clamp is designed to accommodate the safe working load not to exceed 5,000 lbs.

Note: The structural integrity of the existing steelwork should be verified by a licensed structural Engineer

Technicals Details

The following technical information if valid for all models

Safety Working Load (lbs.): 5,000 lbs.

Number of Bolts: 4

Bolt Torque (ft/lbs: 109

Custom Rigging Clamps

Custom designed rigging and lifting points are available. Please contact us for more information.

Additional Information

Model KRC062
Manufacturer Kee Safety
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