20 Handrails to Help the Elderly

older woman using handrails

Getting older may mean your mobility could be getting limited, but it shouldn’t be the end of it. Installing handrails and different types of systems around the house can make it much more accessible for the elderly.

Whether you are looking to build handrails for yourself, or for a loved one who is getting a little older (despite them insisting they’re fine). Our team is around to provide help with your designs, and check out these ideas for other potential handrails around the house.

Indoor Ramp Railing

small indoor ramp with two handrails

Having a ramp indoors makes accessibility a lot easier for the elderly, adding a handrail to it makes it that much more stable. This railing was built by Gerry in Arnold, Maryland for his restaurant. It is a simple railing that only requires two pipes and a couple fittings including the Flange and 90° Elbow, or it can be built using our Classic Limited Continuous Hybrid Kit.

Staircase and Upstairs Railing

staircase and upstairs railing

This customer seamlessly blended their staircase railing into their upstairs railing so that they could have stability walking up the stairs and have safe access to the closet on the other side of the room. The railing up the staircase is similar to our Signature Wall Mount Simple Rail Handrail, which can then be easily connected to the upstairs railing using a 90 Degree Elbow.

Dual Handrail System 

older woman using handrails

In order to help their 86-year-old mother, this customer installed these Surface & Wall Mounted Railing Kits. The galvanized steel railing for these couple steps provides greater support and stability for older family members and guests.

Small Step Railing

small white handrails

Even for just a small step, making it easier for the elderly goes a long way. Mynor from Valley Home Medical Supply installed this simple railing for one of their clients. They used two Classic ADA Friendly Handrail Kits and painted them white to match the home. They said that the customer was very satisfied with the railing and can now safely access the backyard and porch.

Sloped Driveway Handrail 

sloped driveway with metal railing

Any sloped driveway can be difficult for both the homeowner and any guests. Richard had the idea of adding this exterior handrail to his driveway to make it safer for his friends and family visiting. He built this using a variation of the Classic Offset Surface Mount Railing and adding 514-7 ADA Internal Coupling to his kit. This extended the length of the railing to cover the whole driveway. This is perfect for elderly having to walk up and down sloped surfaces around the house.

Pool Patio Handrail

pool patio with metal railing

The pool area can be a slippery place for not just the elderly, but everyone outside enjoying the space. To reduce the risk of anyone slipping, Greg installed this handrail for his pool patio steps by using a modified version of our Wall and Surface Mounted Stair Railing Kits.

Basement Stairs Handrail

basement stairs railing

After not having basement for several years, Matthew in Pennsylvania needed to install a railing after getting up in age and becoming empty nesters. He installed this railing using version of our hybrid stair railing kits along with Single Swivel Socket, Wall Flange, and Swivel Flange fittings. Matthew commented saying that this was an easy one-day project.

Wood Porch Metal Railing 

wooden porch with metal railing

A wood railing is an effective one but can be hard to grip for the elderly due to the width and feel of the railing. Kevin in Georgia needed to meet his local building codes and wanted to create a railing that would provide safety and stability for visitors. He used a Wall Mounted Stair Railing Kit that easily drilled into both the existing wood railing and wall on the staircase.

Stone Path Handrail

stone path railing

For front entrances on potentially slippery surfaces, this Classic Offset Simple Rail Handrail Kit is perfect to provide stability. Whether for your front walkway or maybe a back patio and garden. Having this simple railing can it make it much more accessible for the elderly on possible uneven ground.

Outdoor Wood Ramp Railing

long wooden ramp with railing

Having an outdoor ramp makes your home or business much more accessible for the elderly or disabled. This railing was designed and built by Todd in North Carolina for his wood ramp. This was a custom build that utilizes multiple Kee Klamp fittings in their standard metal color with pipe he had painted black to create a stylish look.

Wood Steps Railing

small wood steps with metal railing

Another very simple railing, but one that makes a world of difference. Dan in Baton Rouge, Louisiana installed this railing using our Classic Limited Outdoor Railing Kit that he had powder coated in glossy black. Making these three simple steps that much easier for himself and guests to walk up.

Driveway Stairs Handrail

driveway with steps and railing

Another driveway related railing, but this one has stairs that lead up from the bottom of the driveway and sidewalk up to the house. Bill decided he needed this for his driveway and installed an extended style of our Signature Inline Handrail Kit. Having a handrail that can assist the elderly who may have to walk up the driveway or stairs is a huge benefit to their safety.

Concrete Steps Handrail

older man sitting on concrete steps with metal railing

Using a Classic Adjustable Simple Rail Handrail, this customer was able to create a safer entrance to their home. We offer many different types of stair handrails for your front steps that can best fit the size and style that will provide the best fit and support for your stairs.

Cottage Handrails

lake front cottage with wood deck and metal handrails

A cottage is wonderful place to have family gathered at, or for where one might retire to. Installing handrails like a Classic Wall Mount Simple Rail Handrail or Aluminum Wall Mounted Railing can make the whole property more accessible for the elderly.

Long Gravel Stair Handrail

long gravel stairs with wood posts and metal railing

Longer stairs such as these can bring about an additional challenges for the elderly walking up. Additionally, the uneven ground of the gravel can add an additional challenge. This customer, Brent, created a great and wonderful looking solution. He installed beautiful 4x4’s with caps next to the stairs and then installed an extended Wall-Mounted Handrail to complete the project.

Metal Railing on Wood Deck

metal railing on a wooden deck

Another instance of implementing a metal railing on to an existing wood deck and railing. This Classic Wall Mount Simple Rail that was powder coated black to accent the current white railing, provides additional support and grip for someone walking down these steps into their backyard.

Garden Steps Handrail 

garden steps with railing

These couple steps down to the garden may not be much, but for the elderly this could be a bit of a challenge. This Signature Offset Simple Rail Handrail was installed by Rob from Florida, and it makes these steps safer to access the garden and he ordered the pipe and fittings in a powder coated glossy white which beautifully match the stairs leading to it.

Simple Front Steps Handrail

small railing on brick porch front steps

This Classic Limited Simple Rail Handrail was installed by our customer Mike in Tennessee. He wanted to install this handrail on his mother’s front steps in hopes to encourage her mobility by making it easier for her. Here is what Mike had to say: “The stair rail was for my mother who has difficulty navigating steps. I installed the handrail in the center of the steps. That way she can use the hand of her choice. I painted the rail with a black hammer finish. It looks great and is super strong. Thank you for a great product!” He later added that since installing the railing, his mother has been going to the mailbox, yard, etc. She wouldn’t get out before and the railing has been invaluable to her mobility.

Stone Steps Handrail 

front stone steps with metal railing

Anthony’s mother-in-law was having difficulty walking up these stairs at their family’s cottage. So being the amazing son-in-law that he is, he installed this Signature Offset Railing Kit to provide a sturdy handrail that she could use when climbing these stairs. Additionally, the galvanized steel and simple look of the railing compliment the house perfectly.

Sturdy Handrail for Outside

lake side path and stairs with metal railing

Rounding out our list here we have a Classic Adjustable Simple Rail Handrail that this customer installed for these steps overlooking a beautiful lake. This railing was painted white to match the beautiful landscape and helps provide additional support for those walking up these steps as they walk to and from the lake.

Hopefully this was all of some help to guide or inspire your next project. As always, our team is available to assist you with your design for your handrail project.

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