8 Garage Rail Ideas to Use Today

Garage Stair Railing with Landing

Garages come in all different shapes and sizes. There are so many ways that they are used, whether it’s keeping your car out of the elements, storage, a workshop, or a man cave.

You may have just started or have yet to consider installing a handrail in your garage. Here are 8 ways that our customers have installed handrails to make getting into their garages easier.

Free Standing Garage Handrail

4-Step Garage Handrail

Here is a common stair handrail application. If you don’t want to mount into the wall of your house or into the cement of your nice garage floor, don’t worry. It’s easy to use our offset handrail kit to mount posts on the top and bottom stairs.

Elder Assist Garage Handrail

Garage Handrail for the Elderly

Even a single step can be a hazard for the elderly in your life. You can install a handrail that extends from the door, across the landing, and into the garage to make sure that there’s enough support to get to the walking surface of your garage.

Wall Mounted Garage Handrail

Black Antiqued Handrail

If your stairs are a little smaller, then you can use our hybrid limited handrail kit to mount into the wall and use a post at the bottom. This will give you the support that you need without biting into the precious real estate of your stairs.

Braced Garage Handrail

Handrail with a Brace

For whatever reason, you may find that you want a little extra strength in your railing. You can brace any of our hybrid kits with a standard flange, a single socket tee, and a stick of pipe to get that extra peace of mind using your handrail.

Garage Landing Handrail

Garage Landing with Railing

Trying to open a door while carrying tools on a stairwell can be tricky. If you decided to preempt this issue with a landing, then you can use a limited stair with landing handrail kit to give that handhold support and guard that you need. 

Double Handrails for Garage Stairs

Stairs with Handrail on Both Sides

If you want the option to have support no matter what hand you’re using to carry things into the house, then installing a handrail kit on either side of your garage stair will give you that option. You can use an adjustable hybrid kit like in the image above or choose the one that works for your situation.

Ground Mounted Garage Handrail

Handrail for Brick Stairs

You may have stairs you trust walking on but may be a little worried about how long they will last if you hammer drill into them. If that’s the case, then you can mount into the walking surface of your garage to provide a safer connection. You can mount into the wall like the image above or use a post on both ends. If you choose to use two posts, then make sure that you have a taller post for the top of the stairs to make sure you have a good handrail height.

Short Garage Stair Railing

Wood Stair Handrail

It doesn’t matter how short your stairs are, a handrail is an excellent idea to provide a little extra security for those gaining access to your house. After all, it may not be you who needs it, but your guest may silently thank you for making this available to them.

Your Next Step

If you’re ready to take the next “step” into garage safety, then check out our handrail kits or contact one of our experts to help you design the railing that fits your space.

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