10+ Wall-Mounted Clothing Rack Designs

hanging clothes on wall mounted clothing rack

The wall-mounted design of a clothing rack can provide the best display for your clothing. Mounting the clothing racks to the wall for your business’ show floor brings greater stability to hold more inventory and increases space where customers walk to browse the clothing.

Mounted clothing racks can also be customized to fit your closet, entryway, or wherever you plan to store your clothing. This can provide better organization and create a unique look in your home.

Our team would love to assist you with your next project. Check out these ideas to begin with as you start planning and designing.

Double Wall Mounted Clothing Rack

clothing rack with suit jackets

Philippe Hass Bespoke Tailoring needed a strong structure to support heavier suit jackets and also incorporated shelving using Single Socket Tee fittings to provide more presentation options for products. Mounting this clothing rack to the wall and the ground creates greater stability to hold more and heavier clothing.

Multi-Level Wall Mounted Clothing Rack

Multi leveled clothing rack hanging tee shirts

This unique clothing rack design is situated upright and is mounted to the wall at the top and at the base. The pipes jut out to create a winding look that is perfect for hanging and displaying clothing. We offer a kit for this design to help you click quick purchase this project.

Single Face-Out Bars

Multiple small poles holding tee shirts

These face-out bars are mounted to the wall in any kind of pattern or display you prefer. These poles can vary from 6-12 inches in length and are simple enough to install and display multiple different articles of clothing.

Mounted Hanging Bars

Black clothing racks with suit pants and dress shirts

Todd designed and built this clothing rack to have a stylish and modern look. He had the pipe painted black but left the fittings in their original silver finish. This layout creates sections which can provide easier viewing and storage options.

Read more about Todd’s clothing rack project here.

Single Hanging Clothes Rack

hanging clothes on wall mounted clothing rack

Beige’s retail stores wanted a simple and sturdy clothing rack that would not only support hanging lots of clothing, but also create a stylish look that would match the aesthetic of the business. This design mounts to the wall using a Flange fitting along with a Single Socket Tee fitting to connect the horizontal bars.

Clothing and Shoe Rack

clothing rack with shelves and athletic gear

A similar design to the double wall-mounted clothing rack, but with the pipe and fittings you can have a greater variety to how it looks. This design had the pipes painted black and left the fittings with their original silver finish which matches well with the wood pallet wall design. The owners appreciated how easy the Kee Klamp fittings installation was.

Entryway Clothing Rack

entryway clothing rack with jackets and shoes

This "open concept" design is perfect for your entryway or mudroom at home. This design is a place where guests and family members can hang their coats and store their shoes. This project also uses Kee Klamp hooks in place of hangers to keep things organized at all times (so long as everyone remembers to hang their jackets up).

Floating Wall-Mounted Clothing Rack

Small rustic wall mounted clothing rack

Not all wall-mounted clothing racks need to mount into the ground as well. This design is perfect if you just need a little extra storage or if you want a different type of display option for clothing. This project can be made with 90° Side Outlet Tee fittings and Side Outlet Elbow fittings.

Ceiling Mounted Clothing Rack

ceiling mounted clothing rack

What if you don't have enough space for a whole clothing rack? This customer needed to make the most of the limited space they had and is made with just a couple simple fittings, two Flange fittings and two 90° Elbow fittings.

Corner Wall-Mounted Clothing Rack

This clothing rack was designed to fit a corner with limited storage space. The modular design of pipe and fittings makes them customizable to whatever layout requires. For the top shelves above this clothing rack, using a few Fixing Pad fittings would help stabilize them.

Multi-Shelved Clothing Rack

bedroom corner clothing rack

If you're looking to stay more organized. This multi-shelved wall-mounted clothing rack utilizes the most of this space to hang clothing and shelves to store loose objects such as shoes and belts. This customer also used small matching boxes to help with storage and the overall look of the clothing rack.

As mentioned before, our team is available to provide assistance with your next project. Happy building!

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