DIY Free Standing Bulletin Board

Free Standing Bulletin Board

If you've ever priced a room divider, you'll know that they're not exactly cheap. If you're looking for a creative, industrial looking alternative you can build your own bulletin board room divider with pipe, Kee Lite fittings and standard cork board. This solution is great for a warehouse where occupational safety notifications and other information needs to be posted. It could also be adapted to work in just about any industrial styled office or home environment as well.

Free Standing Room Divider

The system is pretty simple, it uses several Kee Lite aluminum fittings to connect pipe into the basic structure. The structure has an accordion style, using the L19 Side Outlet Tee to adjust the individual panels at the desired angles.

Attaching the Bulletin Board

The cork boards are standard size boards that you can get anywhere. They are attached to the divider with some simple pipe clips.

Free Standing Bulletin Board

The base of the unit uses elbow fittings to give additional stability to the entire unit. The result is a rock solid free standing bulletin board that can be used in a great many environments.

If you need help designing a divider that will work for you, reach out to our projects team. Check out our projects gallery for additional inspiration.

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