10+ Railings for Your Business

Boardwalk Railing

With all the priorities you have to juggle as a business owner or manager, it’s easy for things to get forgotten or deprioritized because you don’t know what to do. Handrails and safety notoriously fall into that category.

We put this list of handrails our business customers have used to give you inspiration. When you find that spark of motivation, then contact one of our experts to help you design the railing you need!

Wall-Mounted Support Handrail

Wall-mounted support railing

Handrails don’t have to be complicated. Giving your customers a simple handhold as Arnie did is as simple as using one of our wall-mounted ADA handrail kits.

Audience Room Barrier Railing

Courtroom barrier railing

Installing a railing behind stadium-style seating is a great way to provide standing areas for various audiences. Add a toeboard and you have a good space for wheelchairs to park if needed.

Catwalk Railing

Balcony access guardrail

Whether you have a mezzanine or an open catwalk, installing an OSHA-compliant guardrail is a must. It doesn’t have to be ugly, though. Chuck chose to color his railing to create the right aesthetic. You can do this by having your railing professionally powder coated. Or you can save time and money by painting it yourself!

Front Entrance Handrail

Handrail for business entrance

One of the most common applications of handrails is for your front entrance. Charles chose to use two limited handrail kits to give the support his clients needed to access this business.

Sidewalk Support Handrail

Office sidewalk handrail

Even if your slope isn’t enough to require an ADA handrail, it’s always a good idea to give that extra support to your clients and employees. You can use our offset handrail kit to provide an easy handhold rail support.

Aluminum Barrier Railing

Aluminum guardrail

Not every environment is appropriate for a steel railing. If you find yourself in a corrosive environment, then using an aluminum railing is the best option for the longevity of your railing. If you’re not sure which metal is best for you, then check out our guide on aluminum versus steel to find out what works for you.

ADA Compliant Public Handrail

ADA handrail for public park

You may need to comply with ADA requirements. If that’s you, then you can use our simple 518 single ADA handrail kit. If you need a little something more, then contact one of our experts we can help you design a custom railing.

Restaurant Corral Railing

Corral railing for restaurant

A great way to help manage the flow of your clients is with a railing. You can use ropes, but those are easy to bypass and topple over. A pipe and fittings barrier would provide a sturdy and solid barrier that can easily be modified later as your layout needs to change.

Ski-Slope Conveyor Guardrail

Conveyor guardrail for ski-slope

Ever lose your balance on an escalator or conveyor belt at ski lodge? A guardrail would be helpful to your clients if they lose their balance or need to quickly get off the conveyor belt.

Stadium Railing

Stadium seating will need both a barrier railing and a stair handrail to help keep your audience safe. Our industrial guardrail works for the barrier in between the seats, and you can use our ADA handrail kits for the stairs.

Upper-Level Stair Guardrail

Open stair guardrail

Your customers and employees need to be protected from any stair openings that are open-ended. You can use our Kwik Kit steel railings to provide an easy-to-see barrier to protect the people in your business.

Stage Handrail

Handrail for stage stairs

Whether you’re a church, a school, or a theatre, you most likely have a stage with stairs that need a handrail. You can use any one of our standard handrail kits to make your stairs compliant with local and federal codes. You can also paint or powder-coat them to give the aesthetic your space needs.

If you know what you want, but are not sure how to build it, then contact one of our experts to help you design the railing that you need.

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