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Clothing racks exist for one purpose - to help you sell more clothing. Clothing racks also transmit an aesthetic that gives a feel to your store, helping customers to connect with the products they are seeing. Retail clothing racks typically take on two main styles: those that display clothing and those that store it. Typically, these kinds of racks are coupled together. Display racks help attract consumers out of the aisles toward the styles that they prefer. Storage racks help people to find their size.

Our team is committed to helping you sell more clothing. Tap into our retail rack consultants, who will do more than provide you with a simple list of materials. They can help you understand what kind of setup will help attract more customers to your products.

Why Use Our Retail Clothing Racks

Modern, Industrial Look

Get the look you want, at a price you can afford! Pipe and fittings provide a sleek, contemporary look that is both industrial and modern. Open metal structures give a clean look and provide breathing room for your space.

Adaptable and Flexible

Adaptability is key in retail! Kee Klamp fittings come in hundreds of sizes and styles and attach to the pipe using only an Allen wrench. Clothing rack structures made with these clamps can be removed, adjusted to different heights, and completely reconfigured with relative ease.

Durable, Industrial Quality

No cheap, thin-walled tube here. Simple Rack designs use Kee Klamp fittings which come in both aluminum and galvanized steel. The pipe is thick-walled which yields a solid, durable clothing display structure.

Expand in the Future

As your store grows, your racks can expand with you. Building with our fittings means that replacement and expansion kits will always be available.

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Customer Information

Ease of assembly, and the fact that it looks fantastic. This is made with heavy-duty, high-end materials --not like the cheap racks I see in catalogs or in other stores. I want my store to have a quality, high-end feel to customers, and these racks delivered!

Melissa in Arizona

Clothing Kits Make it Easy to Design Racks for Your Store

Clothing Racks From Some of Our Customers

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Custom Designed Racks

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