Industrial Clothing Rack Base Kit

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Industrial Clothing Rack Base Kit
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Product Description

Our industrial clothing rack base kit is a simple way of using our structural pipe and fittings to create commercial-grade racking for your garment storage.

Our Warehouse Clothing Rack Kits are designed for retail storage of all sizes. A single base kit will allow for up to 24 feet of hanging space. Adding a Warehouse Clothing Rack Extension Kit will allow that number to grow indefinitely. Simply purchase a Warehouse Clothing Rack Base Kit and as many extension kits as needed for your row of garment storage. Shipped as a kit in 6-foot increments, you can quickly determine how many will be needed and installed to make the most use of your floor space.

Industrial Strength Clothing Rack

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Utilizing structural pipe and fittings, these warehouse clothing rack kits are designed to hold up to the heaviest of applications. Whether you are storing garments in bulk like at a dry cleaner or bringing in the next season of clothing for a large retail store, these clothing rack kits will carry the weight.

These racks are not ones to be pushed around. Designed to be mounted to the floor, the warehouse clothing rack kits will not shift or tip over time. With angled bracing for extreme weight and structural tubing that won’t bend under pressure, these are the ideal racking systems for your warehouse storage.

Easy to Install

Not only are these Warehouse Clothing Rack Kits strong, but they are also easy to install. With our set screw based fittings and pre-cut lengths of tubing, one could install these heavy-duty clothing rack kits in minutes. Add in some power tools and a team of people you can outfit your entire warehouse quickly.

In addition to the ease of installation, there are only a few different components and lengths of pipe. This way there is never a question of what pieces go where. No more sorting through hundreds of tiny pieces to build out a clothing rack. Grab the fitting, slide it on the pipe, and tighten it down where you need it.


Technical Specifications

Industrial Clothing Rack Base Kit

  • Dimensions: 94" Tall / 33" Wide / 75" Long
  • Made From: 1" structural steel tubing (1.315" OD) with glavanized steel fittings
  • Mounting Hardware: Quantity of two 1/2" anchors per flange (Not included)


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