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ADA ramps for businesses
commercial ADA ramp
ADA Compliant Ramps for Your Business

Designed to Meet Your Needs

Skipping on compliance for your business is a non-negotiable. Our commercial ramps can be designed to comply with US and international accessibility standards: ADA, IBC, and local building codes.

If you are unsure what the ADA requires for ramps, then you can connect with our experts or read our ADA Code explanation.

Made of Anti-Corrosive Material

Durable to Last a Lifetime

Your investment won't go to waste. Your business’ ramp will last decades and can withstand continuous usage with minimal maintenance.

Kee Access ramps are built using Kee Klamp fittings.

commercial wheelchair ramps
Full ADA Ramp System with Handrails

Safe entry and exit for your customers

ADA ramps are required for a business. Ensure your customers are safe with the added features from our business ramps.

We include a slip-resistant walking surface, toeboard for edge protection, and vertical bar infill panels to ensure you comply with all regulations.

Custom Layouts

Component-based makes designing and installing simple

Get a ramp that fits your space. We can help you get here with a custom design using Kee Klamps. If your needs change, your ramp can be reconfigured.

wheelchair ramps

Built to Meet Codes

Wheelchair ramps have been tested to prove
compliance with your local and ADA codes.


How often should an ADA ramp have a landing?

There should be a landing at the top and bottom of every ramp. A single ramp should not have a rise greater than 30 inches. Landings should have a clear width as wide as the widest ramp that leads to the landing. The clear length of a landing should be 60 inches.

How quickly can access ramp be installed?

Most installations can be completed in as little as 2-3 hours, but can take up to a full day for larger installations.

What options are available?

The railing can be powder-coated to match your property to complement classic or contemporary structures. There are extra safety accessories including color contrasted floor panels, a middle “child” rail option, and a stair module.

What is the maximum slope for an ADA compliant ramp?

The slope should not exceed 1:12. There are exceptions. You can have a slope that is no steeper than 1:10 if the total rise of the ramp is 6 inches or less. If the slope is 1:8, then make sure that the total rise of the ramp is no more than 3 inches.

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