Rooftop Parapet Offset Pipe Railing [Example Installation]

Rochester ATCT Railing

This rooftop parapet railing was installed on the roof of the Rochester air traffic control tower support building. It shows off some of the different features of building pipe railing with Kee Klamp pipe fittings.

Rochester Air Traffic Control Roof Railing 

Because the pipe railing is galvanized it is completely protected from the elements. This makes our pipe railing a great solution in climates where rain and snow are common. The pipe fittings and pipe are hot dipped galvanized and will resist corrosion.

Rochester ATCT Railing

The parapet railing is attached to the existing parapet with 62-8 base flanges. These base flanges can be attached to just about any flat surface. They pipe railing base flanges are attached with 1/2" hardware. In the case of this railing, lag screws and sealant were used to attach the bases to the parapet.

Rochester ATCT Railing

This railing is a great example of an offset railing that uses 45-8 pipe railing fittings to make the pipe railing as continuous as possible. Offset railings make it possible to install long sections of pipe. This will minimize on site pipe cutting and make installation even easier. A pipe cap tops off the upright to keep water from entering the upright.

Rochester ATCT Railing

Type 14 Straight Couplings are used to join long sections of the parapet pipe railing together.

Rochester ATCT Railing

Type 15 Elbow pipe fittings are used at the corner and in various other jogs in the roof footprint.

Rochester ATCT Railing

Obtuse or acute angles in the roof can be navigated with other pipe fittings that are specially designed to allow for any angle. This picture shows the BC53 Swivel Elbow being used to navigated an obtuse angle in the building structure.

Rochester ATCT Railing

This railing was powder coated to match other trim already on the building. Parapet railings can be powder coated in any RAL color to ensure that the railing blends in with the surrounding architecture. In the case of this installation, the customer chose not to powder coat the pipe fittings. This could have been done to make the entire railing a single color.

Rochester ATCT Railing

A parapet pipe railing designed with our components can navigate the most demanding roof layouts

Rochester ATCT Railing

Contact our projects team to find out more about building pipe railing with Kee Klamp pipe fittings. You can design a pipe railing yourself or take advantage of our free design services. If you'd like some inspiration or more information on various applications for our guardrail (such as ground-mounted guardrail), you can take a look at our OSHA-compliant guardrail page.

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