Pontoon Boat Restoration and Railing Upgrade

Boat Railing

If you've ever scoured sites like craigslist for a new boat, you will know that there are a ton of options out there. Both new and used. However, the pricing can range dramatically when searching for a used boat. Newer models look nice and are squeaky clean but can be extremely expensive. However, older models are significantly less saving you quite the pretty penny . The only problem is these older boats can tend to be a bit beat up and outdated having gone through the years. So they can use some TLC.

This is what Scott, a recent Simplified Building customer and "pontoon boat restoration expert" (okay he's not really a pontoon boat restoration expert but he should be!), had in mind with this boat. When he first got the pontoon boat it was a little beat up and the years of use were noticeable. So Scott decided to "restore" the boat. Okay maybe it was less of a restoration and more of a complete rebuild. In any case, the boat was in store to see brighter days!


Boat Railing Before Picture

The pontoon boat in the condition that Scott bought it.

Scott decided to gut the boat and strip it down to the bare bones. All that was left were the pontoons and a platform. This created the canvas on which Scott was to build a whole "new" pontoon boat.


Boat Railing Before Picture

The pontoon boat after being stripped down to its bare bones.

The entire deck was replaced with treated under deck lumber and AZEK CPVC deck. The boat was outfitted with an 80 pound thrust 24VDC electric motor, an electric anchor winch, spot lights, canopy lights, water pump, live well, fish finder, and a 12 and 24 volt DC control panel.

Scott describes the boat as being "maintenance free" because of the aluminum, galvanized cross members, treated under deck lumber, AZEK CPVC deck, CPVC canopy, marine wire, and all stainless steel fasteners.


Boat Railing

Scott just needed one more addition. He was looking for a railing for his newly restored pontoon boat. After searching the internet for a railing solution for his pontoon boat, Scott came across Simplified Building. He was able to come up with a design that he could build using fittings and pipe. Ultimately, Scott ended up going with Kee Lite fittings and pipe to construct his pontoon boat railing. He appreciated the low cost, product quality of materials, and the customer service he received when placing his order. One final note about the pontoon boat was the unique way he wired it. To ensure safety and create a clean look, Scott ran most of the wiring through the fittings and pipe so that there would be no exposed wiring.

Here's what Scott had to say about the project...

"Simplified Building product quality and ease of assembly/installation is absolutely fantastic; a pleasure erect and very robust. The boat is all aluminum, stainless steel and AZEK CPVC for a maintenance free operation. The railing is 6061-T6 schedule 40, 1.25 inch aluminum tubing. The boat is equipped with a 24VDC electric motor, canopy lights, utility light, fish finder, aerator pump, water pump and spare 12VDC circuits. Open deck design allows for this truly being a multi-purpose boat. "


Boat Railing

Boat Railing

The hard work has paid off for Scott. The rebuilt pontoon boat looks fantastic and has worked out perfectly for Scott. The difference is really night and day! The railing worked out perfectly and keeps him safe and prevents him from falling off which would really put a sour feeling to a perfect fishing day. If you're looking for a railing, pipe fittings provide a superior solution. Suitable for any situation. They are adjustable, super strong, rust resistant, and easy to use. We offer free design assistance and project guidance to help you create the perfect solution for your own particular needs. Browse our railing kits or contact us today to let us help you discover a railing to perfectly fit for your needs.

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