Cooking Station Rail for Back Porch of a Boat

Cooking Rail for a Boat Porch

When David from South Carolina needed to build a place to cook on the "back porch" of his catamaran, he turned to the versatility of Kee Lite aluminum pipe fittings. Aluminum pipe and fittings are resistant to corrosion. The fittings made it possible to make a configuration custom fit to the dimensions of the boat's deck.

Cooking Rail for a Boat Porch

Using angled fittings David was able to cantilever a shelf off the back of the boat railing to support a cooking grill. LC50-7 fittings are used to form the angled supports that are attached to the mid-rail of the main railing structure.

Kee Lite aluminum pipe fittings are great for custom structures. If you need help designing a structure, contact our projects team. They will be happy to give you advice on how to use our fittings and pipe to build a structure to suit your needs.

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