Industrial Clothing Racks for a Non-Profit Organization

clothing rack with childrens clothing

A simple clothing rack may not seem like it’s that important, it’s just going to store some clothes so, what’s the big deal?

Well, for a non-profit organization that aims to provide clothing to children in need, they needed the right type of clothing rack that could be customizable to their multiple locations and durable enough to hold tons of various sized clothing.

So, when Mickey from Catie’s Closet was looking to install industrial clothing racks for their organization, Simplified Building had the best solution for them.

Catie’s Closet is a non-profit organization that provides clothing, toiletries, and other essentials to students living in poverty. They modify unused rooms inside of schools to create a safe and welcoming space for students in Pre-K to 12th grade.

Their mission is to improve attendance and graduation rates along with mental, emotional, and physical health of students facing poverty, homelessness, and other crises.

If you’d like to see more about Catie’s Closet, check out their news feature here.

Mickey found Simplified Building online after looking for a long time to find exactly what she needed. As mentioned, they use rooms within schools to store and display their clothing. Each room is different, so they needed a clothing rack system that is adaptable to a variety of rooms.

The modular pipe and fittings system of Kee Klamp was the solution they found.


Design & Customize Industrial Clothing Racks

Mickey got connected to Nate from Simplified Building to discuss their organization and what plans they had for their clothing rack system.

Mickey came to Nate with dimensions of a room which was about 60’ x 70’. They wanted to utilize most of the space with clothing racks while also being able to access clothing on all sides by anyone.

They didn’t have ways to expand the room because they’re within a school so they have restrictions as to what they can do, and they want the clothing to be accessible from all sides so that staff can restock clothing easily.

floor plan for clothing racks

Knowing the capabilities of the pipe and fittings system, Nate was able to create the right clothing racks to meet all their needs. He sketched up a layout of multi-tiered clothing racks that can hold clothing at three different heights.

The height of the clothing rack utilizes most of the vertical space of the room so they can store more clothing within their given space.

And by creating the aisles between the clothing racks, this allows for anyone to be able to store more clothing easily and safely on any of the racks.

floor mounted clothing rack

This system is also designed to be mounted to the floor to provide greater support for a larger structure like this. While this can be free standing if it is needed to be moved around, it is strongly recommended that it be mounted to the floor for greater stability.

clothing rack floor plan

Mickey was overjoyed with how functional and adaptable the system was and how it perfectly organized their displays.

In knowing that this pipe and fittings clothing rack can be modified to most any rooms, this sparked them wanting to use our products to outfit many different school rooms with industrial clothing racks. 

Mickey has been so trusting in Nate and Simplified Building since working together on multiple projects now. She sends over the dimensions of a new room she needs a clothing rack design for, and she has full confidence that the design is great and meets every need she has.

free standing clothing rack

Nate has designed various clothing racks for them like these wall mounted designs, along with free standing clothing racks that can both be mounted to the floor or installed with casters (wheels).

If Nate needed to expand or modify the clothing racks, he wouldn’t have to get rid of the whole design. You can build off existing clothing racks and change heights or angles with ease. The adaptability of our clothing racks also allows for the freedom to grow or change the design.


Installing Industrial Clothing Racks

multi tier clothing rack

Now all these pipe and fittings may seem like a massive undertaking to install. However, Kee Klamp fittings are designed to make assembling and mounting a breeze. With just a couple tools like an Allen key and a drill, the whole system can be assembled and installed in one day.

Additionally, you don’t need to hire out a team to assemble the pieces either. No specialized skill or labor is necessary for installation. Having a small team of two or three people (the more the merrier) is enough to have a new clothing rack built and ready to go in a couple hours!

For Catie’s Closet, all installs went perfectly. With just a couple people, they were able to have them installed and utilized in no time.


Clothing Rack Modifications

We’ve seen how Nate and Catie’s Closet were able to create a solution for their situation. Here are a few other ways you can utilize what they’ve created to inspire your own projects.

Above are a few variations in heights that use all the same pipe and fittings as the original design so that you can fit different sizes of clothing. You can easily modify the heights because the set screw system doesn’t screw into the pipe and is easily adjustable.

Below are purchase models where you can see what pipe and fittings are needed to create the different top, middle and bottom assemblies from this project.


  • 2' Size 6 Gator Tubing- 1" Pipe (1.315" OD)
  • 2 21-6 Galvanized Steel Fittings


What's included:

Pipe and Fittings


  • 2' Size 6 Gator Tubing - 1" Pipe (1.315" OD)
  • 2 21-6 Galvanized Steel Fittings


What's included:

Pipe and Fittings


  • 2' Size 6 Gator Tubing- 1" Pipe (1.315" OD)
  • 2 35-6 Galvanized Steel Fittings


What's included:

Pipe and Fittings


  • 4' Size 6 Gator Tubing- 1" Pipe (1.315" OD)
  • 2 62-6 Galvanized Steel Fittings


What's included:

Pipe and Fittings

As for all parts of these assemblies, the lengths and sizes of the pipe and fittings are customizable to find the best solution for your project.

Once assembled the clothing rack structure will look like the picture below (depending on how many different levels you decide to build).

assembled clothing rack

In Review

Mickey and Catie’s Closet found the right clothing rack that could be modified to fit what they needed and could grow with them as the expand their organization in to different schools. They’ve found a system that can be customized and easily installed in each new school they work in.

If you looking to begin the process of building your new industrial clothing rack. Please contact our team who would love to assist you with your designs and be there for you every step of the way!

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