Hypnotic Harmonics Pendulum Exhibit at Myseum

Hypnotic Harmonics Pendulum Exhibit

Myseum's Jeff Deutch has come up with an amazing way for kids to experience the science behind pendulums. His exhibit pictured here allows kids to see how different pendulum lengths released simultaneously can create an awe-inspiring visual display.

The video below shows you how it works.

What is this thing?

Here is the description from the museum signage:

Also known as a Pendulum Wave, this device illustrates the difference in the oscillations (back & forth) of various pendulum when the lengths of the strings holding the bobs differ and are carefully calibrated. When all of the fifteen bobs are released simultaneously, the different oscillation periods cause the pendulum to produce the effect of various waves; eventually the dance returns to the beginning and starts again.

Myseum is a childrens museum that helps kids to get hands on with all kinds of science. Many of the exhibits, like this one, are completely unique!

Jeff actually constructed two exhibits: one that is permanently located at Myseum and the other that is made to travel. Both exhibits were built using Kee Klamp fittings.

How did they make it?

Kee Klamp has long been used by museum exhibitors to build stands and display units for their exhibits. Kee Klamp is a tubular building system that can be used to quickly and easily join pipe together into an industrial quality structure. Instead of having to resort to welding, the fittings join the pipes together with the help of a set screw and hex wrench. Jeff's use of Kee Klamp shows just how helpful the system can be. Jeff said, "I really enjoy working with Kee Klamps, they made building prototypes and the final exhibit much easier."

If you are a museum exhibitor and you'd like to learn more about how Kee Klamp can be used to easily construct custom structures, then reach out to our projects team for free assistance.

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