ADA Handrail to Improve Home Accessibility

We are all living longer and longer, and as a result many people are living in their homes longer. Such independence increases the elderly's quality of life, but it requires that new equipment be installed to make things more accessible. The problem is that many of our homes are not built or equipped to suit the elderly. Homes can be outfitted with new equipment to make them more usable to those who are not as nimble as they used to be.

ADA Accessibliity Railing for Home

Handrail can make a home easier to access. Navigating steps can become perilous to our older generation, and giving them something to grab onto can be a lifesaver!

Mynor from Valley Home Medical Supply constructed this railing for one of their clients. They used two Surface 567 Simple Rail handrail kits to make this short step more accessible. Mynor had this to say about the project:

The user can now safely access the porch and back yard by holding on the handrails. I painted the rails white. The customer is very satisfied.

Mynor painted the railings to match the customers home. We can supply the railing with a powder-coated finish, or you can paint the railing yourself.

ADA Accessibliity Railing for Home

If you need a simple handrail to retrofit a home or need ADA compliant handrail for a business, check out some more handrail ideas for your home. These kits are easy to install and can be configured to fit just about any home or environment.

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