Rebuilding Together Builds Railing for Blind Couple

Rebuilding Together is a non-profit organization which focuses on perservering affordable homeownership. The working out of this vision meant the installation of a railing and walkway at the home of a blind couple in a Montana community. The railing is making it easier for the couple to access their mailbox at the end of the driveway.

Rebuilding Together - Railing for Blind Homeowner

It is great to see that the simplicity of Kee Klamp pipe railing is enabling charity based groups to provide something for their community. Volunteer contractors and general homeowner can easily install this modular based railing, making it more accessible for people employing volunteer labor.

Rebuilding Together - Railing for Blind Homeowner

Here are some more picutres of the modular pipe railing that was installed. They utilized some of the ADA pipe fittings to forum a smooth surface at the termination points of the railing.

Rebuilding Together - Railing for Blind Homeowner

This project also shows the use of the variable angle fitting. Instead of having the pipe pre-bent which can be costly and prone to error, they used inline variable angle pipe fittings to ensure that the railing would angle correctly along the walking surface.

Kudos to Randy for his great work on this project. We'll be sending him a Simplified Building T-Shirt!

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