Build a Simple Residential Handrail with Kee Klamp

With over 80 types of Kee Klamp fittings to choose from, there are at least a hand-full of handrail solutions for residential applications. Carl from Nazareth, PA sent us these pics of his railing constructed out of three different Kee Klamp fittings and schedule 40 galvanized steel pipe. The three fittings are two of the C50-88  Single Swivel Sockets, two of the 60-8 Extra Heavy Flanges, and two of the 84-8 Malleable Plugs.

Carl chose to use the C50-88 Single Swivel Socket fittings to connect the posts to the railing so that he would not have to worry about the exact angle of his railing. He also relayed a good tip regarding getting the wiggle out of the C50-88 fittings. Due to the fact that the C50-88 is really two fittings (M50-8 and the F50-8) that have been riveted together, there is normally a little play which can result in some side to side movement of the railing. Carl states that:

"The variable angle pieces at the tops of the posts can be made rigid and rattle-free by twisting with a spike or small crowbar while tightening the set screws.

The 84-8 Malleable Plugs are used at each end of the railing to keep bees and wasps from nesting inside and to protect hands from the sharp ends of the pipe.

Carl Weitzmann Residential Handrail2

Carl used the 60-8 Extra Heavy Flange for his base. It is not recommended to use the 60-8 Extra Heavy Flange for use as a base flange to support guardrail or balustrades, but in this residential application, and having minimal local codes to follow, it seems to work just fine. Carl wanted a flange that had four bolt holes instead of two, like the 62-8 Standard Railing Flange has. The 62-8 does have a taller socket for the post and therefore would provide greater overall stability to the railing. But again, the 60-8 seems to work just fine for this particular application and looks nice too!

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