Simple Handrail for Stairs Using Simple Rail Kits

Many of our customers contact us looking for a simple handrail that will attach to the side of their house or mount to their stairs. To answer this, we have developed a set of handrail kits called: Simple Rail™. Simple Rail handrail kits offer a straightforward way to install a railing on your stairs. Designed to mount to the walls, posts, or be attached to the ground, the simple rail system can be installed by the DIY homeowner or contractor.

Simple Rail Handrail Kits

Simple Rail is Simple!

Through the use of a few simple tools, the railing can be mounted to just about any indoor or outdoor surface. Simple Rail comes completely galvanized to resist corrosion better than painted or welded railings. Attachment to the wall or ground is done using standard hardware. We can show you how to build a simple handrail with our videos. 

Simple Rail can be powder coated to any RAL color whether you are matching the handrail to your house or looking for it to stand out. Powder coating is a durable baked-on finish that gives the railing a look to match your environment.

Code Compliant Solution

Perhaps you are a homeowner, business owner, or landlord that needs to meet local building code or insurance requirements. Simple Rail can make compliance simple! The rails are made from industrial-strength tubes and fittings. Your simple railing will last decades without rusting. 

Simple Rail can be Customized

We welcome your questions about our Simple Rail system. If simple is too simple, we offer free design assistance in creating a custom railing that will be appropriate for your environment. Let our team help you design a railing that suits your needs. 

Simple Rail™ Handrail Kits

Like this project? Now building a simple handrail is even easier! Constructed with Kee Klamp fittings, Simple Rail handrails are durable and easy to install. Simple Rail™ kits are great for home owners, business owners and landlords.

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