Easy to Install Pipe Railing for your Business

If your business owns a building, then you probably have a need for railing of some kind or another. OSHA requires that people working at heights greater than 4 feet need to be protected with a guardrail. The ADA specifies that you need to provide certain kinds of railing to make your building more accessible to people with disabilities. Beyond that railing can be used to section of certain parts of the store or even protect the building itself (such as I've seen with cart corrals).

Pipe Railing for your Business

Pipe railing constructed with Kee Klamp pipe fittings will allow you install just about any kind of railing in a quick and cost-effective manor. We have railing systems that allow you to install railing that is both OSHA compliant and meets ADA standards. We offer kits for quick installs, you can work with our projects team to have them help you specify the parts you need, or you can DIY the railing by picking out the parts you need from the Kee Klamp pipe fitting catalog.

Pipe Railing for your Business

This particular pipe railing was core drilled into the concrete. You can mount your railing using the core drilling method, or by using standard base flanges that mount to the top of the concrete. Using base flanges will make your railing less susceptible to corrosion in the long run.

Contact our projects team for any questions you have about building a railing with Kee Klamp pipe fittings.

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