DIY Studio Desk For Comfortable Keyboard Playing

Easy To Assemble Trade Show Booth Display

Professional and veteran piano players know that having the correct posture can be essential for comfortable playing and getting the correct key attack. Being able to play from the shoulders and arms but not from your hand and fingers is what helps to channel that energy of your body.

This is why keeping your back straight, staying relaxed,and avoiding tension are so important. For reference, the best height for playing is one that allows the elbow/upper arm to fall freely from the shoulder, and allows the forearm to be parallel to the floor when the forearm and hand are in their natural shape.

However, trying to obtain the correct form and posture can be difficult as many piano and keyboard players use desks, not specifically designed for playing, to rest their gear. Not all desks are created equal nor are they made in the mind of the keyboard player. Most desks are not built to an appropriate level to allow for comfortable playing. This can lead to further problems such as an arched back, poor posture, incorrect hand and arm position, and even lead to hand, arm, and back pain if playing for extended periods of time.

This is why David, a keyboard player and gear fanatic, came to us. He was looking for a desk that could be built exactly to his preference level for playing keyboard. He also wanted a desk that would be large enough and strong enough to support his massive wall of vintage gear. Kee Klamp was a perfect solution. The adjustability of Kee Klamp allows David to be able to set the height of his desk to whatever position he likes. He can also adjust the height at anytime due to the ease of use and adjustability of Kee Klamp fittings.

Here's what David had to say about it...

"I built a rolling desk with a shelf underneath. I needed a workstation for my modular synthesizer, keyboard, and other audio gear. The desk height is lower than a normal desk to allow for comfortable playing of the keyboard. The top is 1.5 inch thick solid maple custom made by MacBeath Hardwoods. The shelf is 0.75 inch thick Knotty Alder from the Home Depot. The wood was finished with Tung Oil." David also appreciated "the fact all the pipe was pre-cut and I just needed to bolt it together."


Easy To Assemble Trade Show Booth Display

Easy To Assemble Trade Show Booth Display

Easy To Assemble Trade Show Booth Display

Here's a few of the build shots that David took as he went through the process of putting together his masterpiece...


Easy To Assemble Trade Show Booth Display



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Easy To Assemble Trade Show Booth Display

Easy To Assemble Trade Show Booth Display

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