Design a Space Saving Closet Using Pipe and Fittings

Design a Space Saving Closet

Sadly, most closets are poorly designed. Most are small and narrow , with a bar spanning from wall to wall. This bar is generally bending in the middle and creaks every time you add another hanger. An added feature may be the rotting particle board shelving taking up much needed room.

This is your closet! It should be configured just for you, not stocked with particle board shelving and tubing that couldn’t hold all your jeans on a good day.

This is where we found Bob Lyell. After searching on the internet for “closet systems”, he Googled “clothing racks” and found our site. He began working with our projects team to design and create a free standing clothing rack that would fit inside his closet. He also expected it to be strong, easy to install, and made to fit his closet. Here is what he came up with!

Design a Space Saving Closet

Bob took a standard clothing rack idea from our kits page and made it work for him. He added an extra cross bar for additional storage, while leaving plenty of room for his shelving/drawers. All the lengths of pipe were custom cut to perfectly fit into his closet. Because of our modular pipe and fittings set-up, all the hang bars are completely adjustable in height.

Because the rack is based off the free-standing garment rack, it can move with him or even be used outside the closet:

It is not attached to the walls, so it can be easily disassembled and moved.  Since it isn't a built in, I can take it with me should I sell my house.

If the customizing wasn’t simple enough, putting this creation together was even simpler! Here is what Bob had to say after receiving his new clothing rack:

I can only reiterate how easy it was to work with all of you and how well the fittings worked. It was easier to assemble than I thought. All of the pipes were cut to the correct length and cut squarely. Things worked exactly as advertised.

Design a Space Saving Closet

With our Kee Klamp system, all you will need is an allen wrench to put together your next project. All the pipe will arrive at your location in pre-cut lengths. Once your box shows up, it will be just like putting Tinker Toys together.

Because of the nature of our pipe and fittings, this clothing rack will last a lifetime! That being said, you are also saving yourself a bunch of time and money by using Kee Klamp. For around $350, Bob put his clothing rack together and can now bring it with him wherever he goes.

Need help getting the most usage out of your closet? Or maybe you just need additional storage for your wardrobe! Tap into our projects team for free design assistance.

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