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Conference table

A conference table serves many purposes. It's used for company meetings but it can also be used as large workspace. It's a fundamental piece of any office and it's often one of the most noticeable features. That's why when you're designing your office layout, you want a conference table that represents your brand, culture, and aesthetic. Particularly, if you hold in-house meetings with clients, as everything in your office is a representation of your company.

These were the considerations that Oceanx took when having a custom conference table built for their own office. In this post, we break down the full details their custom table, including the design of the table top and the fittings used to build the table frame, so that you can build your custom conference table. Let's take a look:

Custom Conference Table Project Details:

Conference table

As mentioned above, this table was built for Oceanx, a company that specializes in underwater submersible film production. The company needed a table that would be visually appealing, sturdy, and fit their aesthetic as a high-production film company.

That's when they turned to Kevin Cavallaro and his company, Atlantis Woodworking & Fabrication. Kevin's company specializes in building high-quality industrial and wood furniture. The result of Kevin's work is this beautifully crafted table which features a black walnut table top paired with an aluminum pipe frame. The table itself is 10' long by 4' wide.

Conference table

The table top was custom-built, as you can see from the images below before the final stain was applied:

Conference table

Conference table

Data ports for power and USB connections were even integrated into the table design:

Conference table

For the table frame, Kevin used Kee Lite fittings. Kee Lite fittings are similar to our Kee Klamp line of pipe fittings, however Kee Lite fittings are made of aluminum (Kee Klamp fittings are made from galvanized steel). Kee Lite fittings generally have a shinier finish and are a bit lighter.

There are a few advantages to using Kee Lite fittings for this type of project versus using traditional pipe fittings. Unlike traditional pipe fittings that use a threaded connection, Kee Lite fittings slide over pipe and secure in place by tightening down a set screw. This generally makes Kee Lite fittings easier to use.

Conference table

This type of connection also allows for some adjustability in the connection itself, but it can also allow for adjustments in the frame. Many of our customers have built adjustable height desks using our fittings.

Lastly, since there is no threaded connection to deal with, leveling each leg in a table like this is a lot easier. With threaded fittings, you would have to adjust the threaded connection on each leg until the table was level.

The Fittings Used in This Project:


There are two different fittings used in this table frame: the Single Socket Tee and the Flange fitting. The Single Socket Tee is used to add the horizontal brace that connects each set of legs. The Flange fitting is used to mount the table top to the frame. Each Flange fitting has a circular plate with four countersunk holes in it, enabling it to mount railings or pipe structures to a surface.

To cap off the bottom of the pipe legs, Plastic Plugs were used. Plastic Plugs are a good choice for hardwood floors to prevent the metal legs from scratching the surface. Malleable Plugs are an option when you want a metal plug and preserving the condition of a hardwood floor is not a concern.

Flange fittings can also be used for leg feet to create a more rugged look. One last option includes using Casters, which would allow the table to be easily moved around the room.

Lastly, to ensure that the table would be fully supported, Kevin custom made aluminum structural plates that are attached to the bottom of the table top.

Conference table

These plates carry and spread the load of the table to the correct points. Flange fittings were then mounted to these plates to connect the table top to the pipe frame:

Conference table

That covers it! If you're looking to build a custom table for your office, we can help. We recommend starting out by browsing our inventory of over 80 different Kee Lite and Kee Klamp fittings. If you'd prefer a simpler approach, we also have a few desk and table kits that allow you to specify your desired dimensions. Then, you can pair the pipe frame with any table top you want.

If you need help coming up with a design, don't hesitate to reach out to our team for assistance. We offer free design assistance and we can create a 3D drawing of your project so you can view it before you buy. Our projects team can be reached by emailing or by visiting our contact page here.


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