5 Modern DIY Dining Room Tables Built with Industrial Pipe

Modern DIY Kitchen Prep Table

Looking for a little DIY inspiration for the next addition to your kitchen or dining room?

Then, this article is just what you're looking for.

We have for you 7 DIY dining room table ideas that you can build yourself, even if you're not a very experienced "DIYer".

Using our Kee Klamp fittings and pipe, even those who have little to no building experience can create something unique and custom to their exact specifications.

With Kee Klamp, our customers have built truly amazing designs that are super sturdy, look great, and overall give them something that is much higher in quality than similarly priced store-bought products.

To help spark your own build, we've put together this list of 7 DIY dining room tables ideas that we hope you'll enjoy (and be able to "steal" some ideas from). Some of these ideas are custom build solutions (we offer free design assistance should you need it) while others use one of our table frame kits.

So with that said, let's take a look at a few tables...

DIY Quartz Top Dining Room Table

DIY Quartz Dining Table

First up is this modern dining room table that Lia built for her daughter. The table is 72" long by 38" wide and it features a quartz table top. Since the quartz top is quite heavy, a 5th leg was added to the table frame to provide extra support to the table top.

This table frame is a custom solution that was built to support the heavy weight. Flange fittings are used at the base of the frame, the Side Outlet Elbow is used at the top of each corner of the frame, and Single Socket Tee fittings are used to connect the middle brace.

Read the full write up on Lia's quartz top dining room table here.

Modern 4-Person Kitchen Table

DIY Kitchen Table

Next is a much smaller table that is built to fit four people. However, the table top does extend in order to add a leaf to allow for more seating. It too, features a custom table frame that makes use of the Adjustable Angle Flange for the table frame "feet". Overall, the table looks great and is one of the most "modern looking" ideas on this list.

Bar-Height Butcher Block Kitchen Table

Butcher Block Kitchen Table

Whether you're looking to add a table to your kitchen or a separate dining room area, this table design would work perfectly. While this specific design is seated at bar-height level, the same design could be used for standard sitting level tables. The choice is completely up to you.

This table uses our Rugged Table Frame Kit which can be configured to the exact dimensions you like (height, width, and length). For the table top, a simple Ikea Gerton butcher block top is used.

Rugged Table Frame Kit

  • Modular, Simple Design
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Super Strong and Resistant to Rust
Configure Options

Stainless Steel Top Dining Table

DIY Kitchen Prep Table

Just like the idea above, this tables also sits at bar-height level. Built by one of our customers, Jeff in Charlotte, North Carolina, the table features a stainless steel table top. This makes it perfect for sitting down to eat or when prepping food.

Jeff made use of our Basic Table Frame Kit to put it all together.

Ikea Butcher Block Kitchen Table

Butcher Block Kitchen Table with Shelf

This kitchen table was built by one of our customers, Mike in Malden, Massachusetts. While a bit smaller than a few of the other ideas on this list, it stands out because of its clean look and the fact that it integrates directly into the kitchen counter shelving.

Again, the table top (and kitchen counter shelving) were built using an Ikea Gerton top.

Industrial Pipe Dining Table

Industrial Pipe Dining Table

This simple design is the first rolling dining room table idea on this list. Using our Basic Table Frame Kit, this customer was able to select the casters option to allow their table to be easily moved when needed. But, should you go the custom route, casters can be ordered separately for your Kee Klamp built project.

These casters simply slide into the exposed end of pipe and are tightened down by turning the caster clockwise.

Basic Table Frame Kit

  • Modular, Simple Design
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Super Strong and Resistant to Rust
Configure Options

Modern DIY Kitchen Prep Table

Modern DIY Kitchen Prep Table

Lastly, we have this modern kitchen prep table. While, not specifically used for dining, the modern design would be great for a standalone dining table. Or, grab some tall chairs and the table can be used when prepping food or dining. The table features a butcher block top and a custom table frame.

Well, that's all we have your in this list of modern DIY dining table ideas, but if you do need a bit more inspiration, be sure to check out our massive list of 51 DIY table ideas complete with tables ideas for every room in your home.

Remember, that we do have a few table/desk frame kits available, but if you do decide to go the custom route and come up with your own design, we also offer free design assistance should you need it. Lastly, if you want to see more projects like the one in this list, be sure to sign up to our email newsletters for weekly updates straight to your inbox.

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