Cable Railing System on Kee Klamp Pipe Railing

Cable Rail Pipe Handrail

We occasionally get asked if Kee Klamp pipe and fitting railings can be used to build cable rail systems. The answer is yes! Take a look at this cable rail system that was installed onto a newly constructed stair and mezzanine railing. This railing was constructed using standard Kee Klamp pipe railing fittings. Drilling holes in the posts allowed the cable rail sections to be threaded through the uprights. You can see that the railing holds up well under the tension required for cable railing.

Cable Railing Pipe Railing

Kee Klamp pipe handrail and cable rail offer a modern aesthetic, a reasonable cost and a durable installation. Kee Klamp pipe railing is an industrial strength railing made out of galvanized schedule 40 pipe. None of the pieces are plastic or brittle. Everything is industrial quality galvanized steel. Installation of the pipe railing is simple -- the set screw in the Kee Klamp fitting is tightened down with an allen wrench to connect the fitting to the pipe.

Cable Railing Pipe Railing

When installing cable rail, be sure to connect with the appropriate installer. Special tensioning tools are required to make the railing look sharp and professional. If you need advice on how to build a railing to suit your environment, get in touch with our projects team.

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