Simple Stairwell Railing for Converted Bakery

Stairwell Railing

This simple pipe railing was used to create a safety railing around an exposed stairwell. This railing was installed in the back hall of our customer's 1864 home. This is what Travis had to say:

This is a back hall in our 1864 home that was formerly a bakery. The kee klamps were absolutely the perfect solution to make a railing for the basement stairs. Easy to use and they look sharp too!

Travis call's out one of the main the strengths of building pipe railing with Kee Klamp pipe railing fittings -- ease of use! If you need assistance designing a pipe railing for any environment get in touch with our sales team. We'll be happy to look at a sketch and tell you exactly what parts you need to create a safe and attractive railing.

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