Rolling Clothing Racks

Rolling Clothing Racks

Position Your Clothing To Sell

Easy to Move, Rolling Clothing Racks For Your Business

Rolling clothing racks allow for the easy access, mobility and space configuration. Rolling clothing racks can be moved to any point in the store to create a greater emphasis upon a certain garment. These industrial quality clothing racks can also be used outdoors, making our rolling clothing racks a great option for street sales and garment transportation. The fully galvanized surfaces of our rolling clothing racks will not rust when exposed to the elements!

Industrial Strength Casters

Industrial Strength Casters

Simple Rack rolling clothing racks use industrial strength casters. These casters have ball bearing swivels and a 4 inch rubber coated we said...industrial quality! Our rolling clothing racks come with two breaking casters and two non-breaking casters. This will allow you to make your rolling clothing rack stationary when necessary.

Heavy-Duty Construction

Rolling clothing racks are moved around, or even outside, a store frequently. During these times, a typical clothing rack will often be dented or damaged. But our rolling clothing racks resist dents! Many other rolling clothing racks are made with thin walled tube that can easily dent. Not our rolling clothing racks! Our garment racks use thick walled pipe that gives the unit weight and durability.

Rust Resistant Galvanization

Our rolling clothing racks are fully galvanized. Unlike chrome or painted clothing racks, the galvanization of our rolling clothing racks will resist corrosion for decades. Leave them outdoor on purpose, the racks will not become covered in rust!

Configurable Rolling Clothing Racks

Why settle for a standard rolling clothing rack when you can configure one to your own size and purpose. Our rolling clothing racks can be cut to just about any length and height. Multiple bars and custom configurations are also easily achieved. On top of all this, you can have your rolling clothing rack powder coated to any RAL color, allowing you a rack that matches your store's decor. If you are interested in a custom rolling clothing rack please contact our design team.

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