Duluth Seawall Project

Duluth Sea Port

Duluth Sea Port is the worlds largest inland port and one of the most important ports on the Great Lakes [ref].  The Duluth Sea Port has an aging seawall that forms a barrier between the port and Lake Superior.  The port has embarked upon a renewal project which will place epoxied steel plates on the corroding corrugated  sea wall.

The challenge of this project was of course how to attach the expoxied panels to the old sea wall. The solution: BoxBolt blind bolts.  The BoxBolt allows a connection to be secured to a hollow opening from one side.  This was exactly what was needed to accomplish the attachment of the new sea wall. 

Using BoxBolts the panels could be attached to the old sea wall by drilling a hole in the panel, a hole in the wall, pushing the bolt into the hole and tightening the bolt down.   See the pictures below for a look at the project.

Corroded Wall - Duluth Sea Wall Project

Team members examine the corroded sea wall where the panels will be installed.


Wall Panel - Duluth Sea Wall Project

A new panel sits on the dock pre-drilled and ready to be installed.  These panels are lowered by crane into the working area and then secured to the existing sea wall with BoxBolts.


Huge BoxBolt - Duluth Sea Wall Project

The galvanized BoxBolts used to attach the sea wall are quite large.  The housing is held in place by a wrench while the bolt is turned, as the bolt turns the nut on the end splays the metal flanges to tighten the panel against the wall.


BoxBolt Installation - Duluth Sea Wall Project

A worker inside the cofferdam who is tightening down the BoxBolts that are holding the panels to the sea wall. 


BoxBolt Installed - Duluth Sea Wall Project

A freshly attached BoxBolt holding the epoxied panel to the old sea wall. 


Completed Sea Wall - Duluth Sea Wall Project

A completed section of the sea wall. The cofferdam removed, the wall is finished and ready to come into contact with the corrosive elements!

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BoxBolt is an expansion anchor that can be used to make connections to structural sections.

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