What Makes Box Bolt Different and
Why Should You Use It?

Easy to Assemble

Fast Installation

Make a steel-to-steel connection without welding or compromising the integrity of your tube steel.


Save Time

If you are installing hundreds of Box Bolts, you can save even more time with the Box Sok accessory.


Tested Solution

Box Bolt is the first blind fastener to achieve ICC testing and approval.

Expert Advice

Expert Advice

Talk to real people and get the knowledge you need. Our team is here to help you!

See BoxBolt
In Action

Install Box Bolt in
Seconds with BoxSok

Installation normally requires two wrenches, and takes about 4 minutes per bolt. BoxSok is a single tool that can be attached to a regular or air powered socket wrench. It has an outer piece that will hold the sleeve of the BoxBolt stationary, while an inner piece turns the bolt. This makes what would have been a 4 minute job (per bolt) into a 30 second job.

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