Workbench Remake - Elegant Top, Drawers and Shelf

Elegant Kee Klamp Work Bench with Drawers

Most of the time work benches are found in basements where they are covered with the materials from the last five projects. But what if you don't have a basement, or you want your workbench to be a part of your living space? Does a work bench have to be harsh piece of furniture covered with junk? One of our customers has demonstrated that this is clearly not the case! Inspired by the original Maker Bench he added his own nuance by adding a finished top, bottom shelf, and to top it all off, a set of drawers.

Elegant Kee Klamp Work Bench with Drawers

Here is what Brian had to say about the construction of his modified Maker Bench:

This is an indoor workbench I made. I was inspired by the maker bench project from your website. I wanted it to look nice indoors, have drawers and a shelf, and be rock solid. I think it this gets the job done. All of the exposed wood is pine.

The addition of the drawers is by far the most impressive aspect of this project. He attached supports for the drawers by bolting a contoured piece of wood to the metal frame.

Elegant Kee Klamp Work Bench with Drawers

Elegant Kee Klamp Work Bench with Drawers

Thanks to Brian for sending us pictures of his project. We'll be See more of the pictures from this project in our flickr account.

Elegant Kee Klamp Work Bench with Drawers

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