Urban Outfitters Uses Kee Klamp Railing in Corporate Campus

Railing with Infill Panel

The trendy Urban Outfitters took a giant leap in relocation when it chose to modernize an abandoned Navy shipyard building for it's new corporate campus. The entire building has a very eccentric look combining the elegant with the industrial, maximizing form and function in a completely unique space. One of the features of this building was the mezzanines and areas that required some form of barrier railing. Instead of choosing typical cookie-cutter type railings, Urban Outfitters went for complete custom railings that were designed with Kee Klamp pipe fittings.

Balcony Railing with Infill Panel

Pipe railing made with Kee Klamp was used in several places throughout the building. In most cases it was combined with infill panel to provide security and visibility. We're pleased to see that the trend-setting Urban Outfitters used Kee Klamp in their modern interior. We hope that you'll be inspired by this usage to use it in your next office renovation as well. Be sure to check out the project gallery for a complete listing of projects built with pipe and Kee Klamp pipe fittings.

Balcony Railing with Infill Panel

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