8 Unique Stair Railings For Your Home

Designer Wood and Pipe Stair Railing

Metal stair railing popularity is on the rise. If it’s time for you to add a handrail to your home, then choose a style that doesn’t look horrible or requires carpentry skills to install.

Here are a few examples showcasing how pipe and fittings can be used to add safety without compromising on style.

A Safe Cellar Stair Railing

Outside Cellar Stair Handrail

Walking down to a cellar doesn’t have to be scary, especially if you install a handrail. Daniel used our hybrid offset handrail kit. You can paint the railing, or have it powder-coated to match any aesthetic you need.

Inside Stair Railing with Good Visibility

Landing Handrail with Metal Pipe and Wire

If using multiple steel pipes for rails is too much for you, then use wire the way that Dan did. It’s simple to incorporate wire horizontal rails to go along with your industrial railing. Dan also installed the wall-mounted ADA handrail kit down the stairs.

An Industrial Railing for a Second Floor Hallway and Stair

Industrial Handrail for Stairs and Second Floor

An industrial railing is perfect for when you want to maintain clear visibility while providing a safe barrier on your open second floor. Claudette also used our limited surface mount handrail kit on the stairs to complete the look and safety factor.

Open Stair Railing with Style

Open Stair Handrail

Adam used our adjustable surface-mounted handrail kit to provide a safe means of using his open stairwell. He also used a rail support flange to give the handrail a little extra rigidity.

A Cute Railing for Your Split-Level Stair

Kitchen Landing Railing

Here’s a way that you can prevent that accidental step-off when someone isn’t paying attention. We’ve all been there. Angilynn used a standard set of steel fittings that were coated to match the colors in her home.

A Pleasing Grab Rail for Your Stone Wall

Handrail for a Stone Retaining Wall

Sliding your hand along a stone wall is a great way to lose balance or cut your hand on a sharp piece of stone. Instead, do what Bob did when he installed a custom wall-mounted ADA handrail kit. He used additional wall-mounted handrail brackets and variable angle fittings with internal couplings to navigate the curve of his natural stone wall.

An Easy Handrail for Your Sloped Garden

Sloped Garden Railing

Installing a handrail is a great way to enjoy your sloped garden without worrying about sliding down the hill, destroying all of your hard work, and getting hurt in the process. Art installed our surface-mounted stair and landing handrail kit to help him traverse his garden safely.

Spruce Up Your Stair Railing

Metal Pipe and Wood Inside Stair Railing

Here’s an example of incorporating a fine wood finish with an industrial steel handrail. With this design, you don’t have to worry about children accidentally falling through the handrail. This looks both sturdy and attractive. All Carol needed was swivel flanges, wall flanges, steel pipe, and an extended wall-mounted ADA handrail kit

These are only a few ways that handrails can improve the quality of life and safety in your home. Check out our handrail kits, use our guide on building your own handrail, or consult with one of our experts to get your handrail project completed.

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