Sturdy Handrails for Safe Home Access

Sturdy Handrail for Home

How often have you grabbed a handrail only to find that it bent and buckled underneath your weight? That's a very uncomfortable feeling. If a railing isn't sturdy, the very device that is meant to keep you upright may send you to the ground!

Simple Rail handrail kits are easy to order, easy to install and can be added to an existing set of stairs. Available in a wide variety of styles to suit just about any environment, Simple Rail handrail kits create an extremely sturdy railing -- providing stability to anyone accessing your home.

What Makes the Handrail Sturdy?

Sturdy Handrail for Deck

Other handrails and home railings are built from thin materials that bend or flex under the weight of the person accessing the home. Simple Rail kits are made from structural steel and aluminum pipe. The thick walled steel pipe makes the entire handrail rigid and very stable.

Each handrail can be anchored into a wall or post, or made to stand alone using handrail base flanges. When anchored properly the railing will be rock solid and resistant to rust and corrosion.

Who Says They Are Sturdy?

Sturdy Handrail for Stairs

Don't take our word for it. Our customers tell us again and again that they are surprised at how sturdy our Simple Rail handrail kits can be.

My elderly father was visiting and fell as he tried to go outside to our backyard. We clearly needed a sturdy handrail. This was the best solution ever. It shipped fast, was very reasonably priced and the quality exceeded our expectation. Very strong and sturdy. Thank you for making such a quality product.

Michael S. from Reno, NV

I wanted to make the stairs a bit safer for my grandmother. The rail is very sturdy.

Nadia K. from Alberta

Check out other customer projects to see and hear what people think about Simple Rail handrail kits.

Select a Kit or Customize Your Own Railing

Sturdy Handrail - Short

When it comes to options, you've got plenty. If simplicity is what you are looking for, check out our list of standard handrail kits. If you need something a bit more specific, no problem, give us a call or drop us an email and a member of our projects team can help specify what parts will be needed to make a completely custom railing - designed to fit into your space.

Great for Home Owners and Accessibility Contractors

Sturdy Handrail for Senior Access

Most of our customers are the home owners themselves. Frequently people are surprised at how easy it is to install a handrail. If you need confidence, see our installation page that has videos for three of our most popular railing kits.

However, home owners are not the only ones who like our kits. Senior home modifiers, like Jon from Handypro in Nashville, TN, love working with our handrail kits. Here's what Jon had to say about his experience with Simplified Building:

As a contractor who specializes in home modifications for handicap/elder access, I needed a supplier for porch hand rails that were easy to install, yet provide an attractive and sturdy product for my clients. My experience working with Simplified Building Concepts was very positive:

  • Their website was very informative and it provided a wealth of helpful installation information as well as product pictures and suggestions.
  • Their Project Assistance team was extremely helpful. They worked with me over a short phone call to understand my needs, recommended a suitable product, then quickly provided me with a full quotation.
  • The ordering process was equally as simple.
  • The product arrived on time.
  • Their product was very simple to install, cleverly designed and of high quality.
  • The best part my client was very satisfied with their porch rail!

I can thank the team at Simplified Building Products for making a great product and for providing top quality service!

You can't ask for a better recommendation than that! Regardless of where you're coming from, if you need a stable handrail, Simplified Building can deliver!

Simple Rail™ Handrail Kits

Like this project? Now building a simple handrail is even easier! Constructed with Kee Klamp fittings, Simple Rail handrails are durable and easy to install. Simple Rail™ kits are great for home owners, business owners and landlords.

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