Replacing Old Handrail with a Hybrid Style Simple Rail Handrail Kit

Simple Rail - Hybrid 55/C58 Railing Install

Marc, from Quebec, installed this Hybrid 55/C58 Simple Rail handrail kit to replace an old railing that was neither safe, nor attractive. The old railing, pictured below, was simply a piece of bent pipe that connected to the second step.

Simple Rail - Hybrid 55/C58 Railing Install

The Hybrid Simple Rail handrail kit gave Marc an attractive alternative to the railing that was already installed. With a few simple pieces of hardware Marc was able to attach the railing to the step and the building. Hybrid handrail kits mount to both the floor and the wall, creating a solid, structurally stable handrail. The new Simple Rail kit offers a much safer solution for accessing the building, especially during the winter months.

Simple Rail - Hybrid 55/C58 Railing Install

Simple Rail handrail kits offer clean lines and easy installation. If you need to replace an existing handrail, consider our kits as an affordable DIY solution. Most homeowners can install the handrail without a problem.

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