Solar Panel Support Structure Extension

Solar Panel Extender

When Joseph from New York wanted to extend his solar panel array to include additional panels, he turned to Kee Klamp pipe fittings to provide him with a solution. Kee Klamp allowed him to retrofit his existing solar structure, and provide additional energy output.

Joseph had this to say about using Kee Klamp to extend his solar array:

Kee Klamps made it possible to easily retrofit an existing 25kW PV solar array with nine (9) additional solar panels along the top of the array in order to maximize the inverter capacity. The single swivel socket and swivel flange were used to mount the 1-1/2" pipe brace to resist wind pressure on the added solar panels.

Kee Klamp can be used, not only to retrofit, but to build the entire foundation for a solar panel array. See the related posts below for additional solar panel structures that have been built with Kee Klamp pipe fittings. In addition to Kee Klamp, we also carry S-5! clamps. S-5! clamps are used to attach solar panels and solar structures to metal roofs.

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