Field Trip: Visit to Williamson, NY Solar Array

One of the liabilities of selling your product all over the United States and Canada, is that you dont always have the opportunity to visit the installation site and see the completed project.  Recently a local company, Williamson Solar Array

Visiting a site is always educational.  Here are a few facts about this project and about the solar industry in Upstate NY

  • While the system may appear overbuilt,  the extra supports are there to provide additional wind and snow loading requirements.
  • Upstate, NY is a great location for solar energy collection.  The angle of the sun, combined with the weather creates an optimal location for solar energy collection.
  • OConnell Electric was responsible for building this solar system.
  • The energy from this solar array will supply power to a local water treatment plant.  When complete it will offset about 75% of its electrical cost.

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