40+ Office Shelving Ideas Built with Industrial Pipe

Do you want your office to be more organized? Let’s be honest, who doesn’t.

You could purchase a shelving unit for your office, but those can quickly cost more than you might be planning on. Instead, consider building your own office shelving unit.

Trust us, this project is easier than it sounds. With some simple materials and a few hours, you could easily build a shelving unit for your office at home or work. Industrial pipe and Kee Klamp fittings make this project affordable, simple, and unique.

So, if you are ready for some office shelving inspiration, keep reading. In this post, we will look at more than 40 office shelving ideas. After you check out these projects, you will be ready to create your own office shelving unit to help keep your workspace organized.


office shelving 0 31

Gregory from Mount Dora, Florida built this shelving unit for his home office. It works as a great space to display his speakers, art supplies, books, and other materials he needs during his workday. It is wall-mounted with Flange fittings so you don’t need to worry about the unit being unstable. You will also need industrial pipe and wooden boards to complete a similar project for your space.


office shelving 0 35

This shelving unit would work well in a home office or a professor’s office space. This piece can be used to organize a book collection that you might want to display in your office so you can reference the materials when you need them. This project was created with pipe, Side Outlet Elbow fittings, and glass shelves.


office shelving 0 44

Ian from Montana created this shelving unit from a recycled bookshelf. When he moved, he disassembled the bookshelf and recreated it into a unit that could work in a home office. This unit is mounted to the ceiling and attaches on the bottom to a cabinet. Flange fittings are essential for the design of this shelf. You could also mount this above a desk to give yourself more organizational space in your office.


office shelving 0 12


This desk and shelving unit works well for a home office in a small space. The shelving unit is attached to the desk and wall with Flange fittings. The designers also included a lamp on the top of the shelving unit, which helps free up space from the desk. You will need to use Three Socket Tee fittings to help create the horizontal support for the shelves.


office shelving 0 36

This simple shelving unit would work well beside a desk as a place to store a printer or other office supplies. This industrial unit was built for less than $200. For step-by-step design instructions, check out this post. You can leave the wood unstained, or consider staining the wood to give the piece a sleeker look.


office shelving 0 7

Rachel from New York created this shelving unit to take advantage of otherwise unused space in her home. This idea would also work well in an office. If your office is a unique shape, spend some time thinking about a shelving unit that would work in the corner to help maximize your space. Rachel used pipe and Kee Lite fittings for this project.


office shelving 0 17


Although this specific project was built for a children’s desk, imagine a similar wall-mounted shelving unit above your work desk. This project is a great way to add some additional storage and organizational space into your office. You can build an entire desk and shelving project as one unit, or simply create a wall-mounted shelving unit to sit just above your desk. Either way, wood, industrial pipe, and Three Socket Tee fittings are important for the design.


office shelving 0 13


This rustic shelving unit was created from reclaimed scaffolding boards, industrial pipe, and Kee Klamp fittings. Flange fittings and 90° Elbow fittings are crucial for the design. This floor-to-ceiling shelving unit could fill a wall in an office and serve as a perfect place to organize your office supplies and reference materials.


office shelving 0 24


This sleek shelving unit is attached to a desk and wraps around the office wall. This unit is both functional and decorative. By building the desk into the unit, you could create an entire office set up with the same materials. The black-painted pipe gives this piece a contemporary feel but you could also leave the pipe unpainted for a more industrial look.


office shelving 0 32


Adam created this shelving unit to sit beside his desk in his home office. This unit is the perfect place to store your computer, printer, or other office supplies you want near your desk. To create this industrial-chic piece, you will need pipe, wooden shelves, Male Single Swivel Socket Member fittings, Side Outlet Elbow fittings, and Flange fittings.


office shelving 0 8


This beautiful shelving unit can be used to add some decorative pieces to your office. It is wall-mounted with Flange fittings, which helps keep it in place. You could also use a similar design to help store office supplies, instead of decorative items. Boxes and containers could be placed on the shelves instead of pictures to make the unit more functional for an office.


office shelving 0 6


Imagine this shelving unit nestled beside your desk at home or work. This would be a convenient spot to store writing utensils, paper, rulers, or any other office supplies you need on hand. The open shelving might force you to organize your supplies, but that will help your office feel cleaner (and we all need that extra organizational push sometimes, right?) If you want, you can read how to create this exact project here.


office shelving 0 34


If you have a larger office, this would be the perfect shelving unit to store all of your supplies. This floor and wall-mounted unit is very organized and color-coordinated. As this designer did, you could also incorporate decorative pieces on your shelving unit. This would be a great way to add a touch of personality to your office. You will need Flange fittings and 90° Elbow fittings for this project.


office shelving 0 22

If you have limited space in your office, consider taking advantage of the space near the ceiling. With Flange fittings, 90° Elbow fittings, pipe, and wood, you can recreate this project in your office. This is a great place to store items that you want on hand but that you don’t use on a regular basis.


office shelving 0 39


This industrial project holds everything that you need in an office. You can store a printer, paper, trashcan, and many other essential office supplies in this unit. The unit is mounted to the wall with Flange fittings, so you don’t have to worry about placing heavy items on the shelves.


office shelving 0 27


This vintage-inspired shelving unit adds personality to an office. You can use dark-stained wood and painted pipe to recreate a similar sleek shelving unit. This can be used to store books, office supplies, paperwork, or anything else you need to organize in your office. Three Socket Tee fittings are important for the design of this project.


office shelving 0 19

If you are looking for a simple shelving unit to add to your office, consider creating one with unstained wooden shelves and industrial pipe. This is a classic piece that doesn’t overpower the space. This style of unit is versatile and can be used to store a variety of office supplies. Although this particular unit is used to display pottery, you could easily use this for books, papers, or other materials you need in your office.


office shelving 0 45

When you need heavy-duty office shelving, Kee Klamp fittings and pipe are the way to go. This is an example of a sturdy shelving unit that can hold a ton of weight. You can use this to store all sorts of office supplies and books without worrying about a weight restriction.


office shelving 0 15

For a convenient office storage solution, consider a wall-mounted shelf next to your desk. This is a great place to store materials you use frequently during your workday. You can easily create a similar shelving unit with wooden shelves, 90° Elbow fittings, Flange fittings, and industrial pipe.


office shelving 0 26

Looking for a quirky shelving unit to bring some personality to your office? Consider creating a piece similar to this one. The unit feels slightly off-centered and the thin boards help attract attention to the thick industrial pipe. This would work well in a home office as a spot to store books, a printer, and other office supplies. You will need Flange fittings, 90° Elbow fittings, and Single Socket Tee fittings for this project.


office shelving 0 42

Leo designed this office shelving unit to fit under and beside a large window. This is a great example of how you can custom-design a shelving unit to fit the style of your office. This is simply made with wooden shelves, industrial pipe, and Kee Klamp fittings. If you need help designing your own custom shelf, contact our design team today.


office shelving 0 33

One way to maximize storage space in your office is to line an entire wall with shelves. This unit uses smaller boxes to help separate items so you can keep your shelving unit organized. This bookcase is supported with industrial pipe and Kee Klamp fittings, so it is very sturdy.


office shelving 0 9

Here we have another great example of building a shelving unit to fit the specific design of your office. This unit could work around a window or other structural pieces on your office wall. Wall-mounting a shelving unit above your desk is a great way to maximize storage and keep your supplies organized. Use Flange fittings to attach the unit to the wall.


office shelving 0 43

This chic shelving unit could fill an unused corner of your office. This design helps you maximize your space and is a great focal point for your office. If you don’t want to leave the pipe galvanized, you can easily add a powder coating to give the pipe a different look. The darkly stained wood and copper-colored pipe used in this piece give it an extremely sophisticated look.


office shelving 0 37

The open design means you can store items on every part of the unit. Gabe specifically designed this piece to fit well in a corner, so you could also use it to fill the corner beside your desk. When making your own, you could stain the wood if you want a darker or sleeker look for your office. Pipe gives the piece an industrial feel, which is great for the workplace.


office shelving 0 14

Stephen created this freestanding shelving unit with pipe and 90° Elbow fittings. You can easily fit this beside your desk or move it around your office to a more convenient spot. This is a simple project that can really make a difference when you are trying to organize your office.


office shelving 0 41


This corner shelving unit helps create a functional and stylish home office. There is plenty of room on the shelf to display books and store office supplies. The designers even left room for the desk to fit nicely inside the unit. When creating a similar piece, keep in mind that you will need plenty of Flange fittings to help attach it to the wall and floor.


office shelving 0 16


By creating a built-in corner shelving unit, you can fill unused space in your office. This would work really well behind your desk as a place to store decorative pieces, awards, or office supplies. This specific project was created with threaded pipe, but Kee Klamp fittings and industrial pipe could also be used to simplify the design.


office shelving 0 11


Instead of buying this unit, consider creating a similar piece with Kee Klamp fittings and industrial pipe. This design fills a corner beside your desk and is a great spot to store a printer, extra paper, or other office supplies you need close by. You will want to incorporate Flange fittings into your design as the feet of the unit.


office shelving 0 20

This unique home office includes a desk and shelving unit combination piece. Kee Klamp, wooden shelves, and industrial pipe were used to make this project. Marlee’s husband designed this for her and she now uses it every day. The shelves help keep her space organized and uncluttered.


office shelving 0 5


When you work from home, you have to get creative when making an office in your space. This designer utilized the space under the stairs for a cozy home office. The shelving unit along the wall is a perfect spot to store office supplies. To make this project even simpler, you could use Kee Klamp fittings and industrial pipe for a similar look. You will need 90° Elbow fittings to help create this project.


office shelving 0 29


This wall-mounted shelving unit makes use of Flange fittings, Three Socket Tee fittings, and pipe. It would work very well next to a desk or along a wall in an office. Think of all of the office supplies you could store and organize on this chic unit!


office shelving 0 10

If you are working with limited space in your office, consider adding shelving to your desk instead of a wall. Linda did just that with her creative project. She used a few pieces of reclaimed wood, Kee Klamp fittings, and pipe to add two shelves under her desk. This became a great spot for her to store essential office supplies.


office shelving

Henry created this ceiling-mounted shelving unit as storage space and a room divider. This is a great way to create the feel of a home office if you are working with limited space. Henry used Standard Railing Flange fittings to attach the unit to the ceiling. Henry said, “I was confident that they could be used to secure my bookshelves to the ceiling. I think it turned out great!”


office shelving


This wall-mounted shelving unit sits above a desk in a home office. This is a useful way to keep the space functional without feeling too cluttered. Although this picture shows the shelves before they are filled, you could use them to store office supplies, pictures, books, or other materials you need on hand at your workspace. Use Flange fittings to attach the unit to the wall.


office shelving 0 40


Why spend hundreds of dollars on this shelving unit when you can create one yourself for much cheaper? This simple project is great for a home office because it includes a desk and shelf space. You can store decorative pieces or office supplies above your desk. Use pipe and Kee Klamp fittings to create a similar project at a cheaper price.


office shelving 0 25


This large shelving unit would work well around a desk in an office. You could store books, office supplies, or decorative items on the shelves. The pipe in this project were painted black, which you could easily duplicate by using a powder coating on the pipe. Or, simply leave the pipe unpainted for a more industrial look. Another option is to stain the wooden shelves to help create a different look for this project.


office shelving 0 28


This versatile shelving unit could fit just about anywhere in your office. It would work well on a wall behind your desk as a place to display books, photographs, or awards. This could also sit beside your desk as a spot for often-used office supplies. However you choose to use this shelf, you will need Flange fittings and Three Socket Tee fittings for the design.


office shelving 0 30


Space-saving solutions are great for small offices. These wall-mounted shelves can fit above your desk or on any unused wall space. You can build as many as you need to, so don’t feel like you have to build three. By mounting the units with Flange fittings, you can feel confident that they will stay attached and support a decent amount of weight.


office shelving 0 23


This four-tiered unit incorporates a desk into the office shelves. This piece has room for two people to work at the desk at once. Use the shelves to store office supplies or other materials you want in your workspace. Although the piece feels very sleek and polished, it is simple to design and construct. If you need help, don’t hesitate to contact our design team to discuss how to replicate this project in your own space.  


office shelving 0 21


One great way to add shelves in your office is to build them directly on your desk. This project could have been created with Flange fittings and galvanized pipe. Simply rest the shelves on the desk or attach them to make the piece more stable. By adding these smaller shelves, you can free up space on your desk while still keeping supplies nearby.


office shelving 0 38


This home office features a three-tiered wall-mounted shelf that nicely fills the space beside the desk. You could create a similar shelving unit with industrial pipe and Kee Klamp fittings. Let this project be a great reminder that you can think outside of the box and get creative when designing the shelving unit for your office.


office shelving 0 18


These wall mounted shelves were made with simple boards, but you could also create floating shelves with pipe and Kee Klamp fittings. Use Flange fittings to attach the pipe to the wall, then rest the boards on the pipe. By mounting shelves above your desk, you can help clear space on your desk and keep your office functional and clean.

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