40+ DIY Corner Shelf Ideas Built with Industrial Pipe

Do you want to maximize your storage space? Consider using a corner shelf. These units are a great way to utilize all of your available space.

Corner shelves also add a unique design element to your home. You can use these shelves as functional storage or to display pictures and other decorative pieces.

Plus, you can quickly and easily build your own corner shelf with just a few simple materials. We’ve gathered over 40 designs to inspire you to create your own shelves with pipe and Kee Klamp fittings.

These projects are budget-friendly and can be completed in an afternoon. Also, this is the perfect way to add a touch of the trendy industrial-chic look to your home.

Ready to get started? Let’s review these corner shelf projects for inspiration. Soon, you will be ready to create your own DIY corner shelf.


diy corner shelf idea 0 6

Gabe created this free-standing shelving unit, which could easily be placed in a corner. Use the shelves to display books, pictures, or knick-knacks. This specific project was designed for a retail store but a similar unit could be built for a home or office. The three-tiered design allows for ample storage space on the shelves. If you want to create a similar project, make sure you use Flange fittings to attach the identical-length pipe to the boards.


diy corner shelf idea 0 5

Rachel from New York built this wall-mounted corner shelf to add an interesting piece to her home office. She used Kee Lite pipe fittings, Flange fittings, and Side Outlet Elbow fittings for this project. This is a great place to store books, office supplies, and any other materials you might need to feel productive and organized at home.

Don’t be afraid to customize your own shelf, just like Rachel did. If you don’t need as many shelves as she did, leave some off. Or, create space to add a built in desk. Be creative and build the shelf that works best for your space.


diy corner shelf idea

This wall-mounted corner shelf was designed for a living room. The triangular boards fit nicely into the corner and add a unique design element. This is a great place to store games or sound equipment. To build a similar project, use Flange fittings and 90° Elbow fittings. The best part about using triangular boards is that they fit perfectly into a corner. You could make this a free standing shelf (instead of wall-mounted) if you want the entire piece to sit flush against the wall.


diy corner shelf idea 0 28

This modern corner shelf also features a built-in desk. This is a floor mounted piece that is very functional and also adds a major focal point to the room. As you can see, by painting the wood you can give the shelving unit a different feel. The white shelves make this a trendy and chic piece. To attach this to the floor, use Round Base Flange fittings. Three Socket Tee fittings are used to help attach the support pipe under the shelves.


diy corner shelf idea 0 38

A tall shelving unit, like this one designed by Adam, can fill unused corner space. This is a simple and functional shelf that could be used to store a variety of items, depending on your needs. You can read all about Adam’s design and building process here. In this image, Adam is only utilizing the bottom shelf, but he could use the additional shelves to store books or display pictures.


diy corner shelf idea 0 15

This shelving unit adds additional storage in a garage. Use pipe and Kee Klamp fittings to create the frame of this project. Once you add wood planks you will have a sturdy and functional unit. This project fills the corner of the garage which helps fill this often unused space. Who doesn’t want a more organized garage? Just look how clean and neat this garage appears since everything is displayed on the shelf instead of being thrown in a corner.


diy corner shelf idea 0 32

Although this specific project was built with threaded pipe, you could create a similar project with Kee Klamp to save time and energy. This wall-mounted shelf utilizes corner space that can be difficult to fill with furniture or other shelving units.

When designing a similar piece, use Flange fittings to attach the piece to the wall. This design shows that you can be creative when designing a wall-mounted corner shelf. This project appears to snake up the wall. You could make a similar project that is smaller, larger, or has additional shelves. The choice is up to you!


diy corner shelf idea 0 31

You could follow the instructions here to create a similar shelving unit. This wall and ceiling mounted project helps fill the space in multiple corners. The designer used this project to display pictures and decorations but you could also create a more functional piece to store books or boxes. This project has a single rail running through the middle and Flange fittings to help secure the shelves to the side walls.


diy corner shelf idea 0 37

Triangular shelves are a great way to maximize space in a corner. This shelf is functional and also offers a nice way to display this hat collection. You could build a similar shelf for an office or retail store. When building this project, you will need 90° Elbow fittings. This project used glass shelves which gives it a sleek and clean look.


diy corner shelf idea

Kristen from Pure Barre in Roseville created this shelving unit to use all the available retail space in her studio. She said, “I had limited wall space and wanted to utilize my space to the best of my ability to showcase items from our retail boutique.” She built the shelves along two walls and the open design allowed for the corner space to be maximized. This design includes Single Socket Tee fittings which help create the intersections supporting the wood boards.


diy corner shelf idea 0 29

Open kitchen cabinets are a popular design trend. This corner shelf is easily made with Kee Lite fittings and maximizes the space in this small kitchen. The galvanized pipe and natural wood boards create a modern and simple look for this beautiful kitchen. Open cabinets helps the kitchen appear more organized and clean. This also helps a small kitchen feel bigger than it actually is.


diy corner shelf idea 0 14

You can also use open shelving in larger kitchens. This sleek corner shelf helps the kitchen feel more open. When building a similar unit, make sure to securely attach the pipe to both the ceiling and walls with Flange fittings for support.


diy corner shelf idea 0 26

This chic shelving unit fills the tight corner space with ease. By building a similar project, you can take advantage of every inch of space in a small pantry, office, or any other room.

Love the color of this project? Check out our powder coating service to select a similar color. We offer over 150 color choices so you will have plenty of options for your shelf. Of course, you can always leave the pipe unpainted for a sleek industrial look.


diy corner shelf idea 0 13

This industrial chic shelving unit could be used in a pantry or closet. As an added touch, light fixtures were included on the top of the unit. The wires were easily threaded through the pipe and 11° to 30° Variable Elbow fittings are used to direct light to any part of the room.


diy corner shelf idea 0 17

This unique shelf utilizes the corner space above a kitchen island. You can store spices, condiments, or any other items you want on this hanging shelf. Simply use Flange fittings and short pieces of pipe to attach the wood planks to the ceiling. You only need a hex key to tighten the connections. This high shelf helps save valuable kitchen counter space. Plus, it makes use of otherwise wasted corner space.


diy corner shelf idea 0 11

The designer of this unit built a corner shelf to sit on top of a stairway divider. The deep boxes will provide ample storage space. To keep the shelving unit in place, use Kee Lite Swivel Flange fittings.


diy corner shelf idea

Stephen created this free-standing shelf to display some coffee-table books. This unit could easily slide into a corner to fill unused space. Make sure to use 90° Elbow fittings to help create the square base of this project. This simple project looks great and could be created in just a few hours. Plus, you can easily move this piece if you need to.


diy corner shelf idea

Bill also created a free-standing bookshelf that could fit into a tight and otherwise unused corner. He painted the pipe black which gives the piece a chic and modern look.

Bill said his favorite part of this project was “seeing the finished project come together quickly. Once I had the pipes cut and painted and the shelves cut and finished; assembly only took about 20 minutes or so.” This project was simple because Bill used pipe and Kee Klamp fittings instead of cumbersome threaded pipe.


diy corner shelf idea 0 10


A simple wall mounted triangular corner shelf, like the one pictured above, adds a touch of style to an empty corner. You can get creative when designing your own similar shelf. If you want to make the piece more industrial, leave the pipes unpainted. To attach the shelf to the wall, use Flange fittings. Always make sure the shelves are secure before placing any heavy objects on the wood boards.


diy corner shelf idea 0 21


This rustic floating shelf helps add additional storage to a kitchen. This style of shelf could be used in any room, depending on your needs. Simply use Flange fittings, small pieces of pipe, and wood boards to create a similar corner shelf.


diy corner shelf idea 0 7


A corner shelving unit was used to help this customer create a functional home office. The unit fills the corner and offers plenty of space to store books and other office supplies. This design even includes space for a desk, but you could fill this area with more shelves if you wanted to create a full bookcase. Use Flange fittings and 90° Elbow fittings to attach this to the wall.


diy corner shelf idea 0 33


These small stacked floating shelves provide space for candles and other decorative pieces. Again, the triangular design helps to utilize all available space in a corner. This simple design adds a touch of the industrial chic style to your home. You only need a few materials, including wood boards and Flange fittings, to create these wall-mounted shelves.


diy corner shelf idea 0 8


Would you like more space in your closet? Here’s the perfect solution! This corner shelving unit maximizes the corner space but also leaves the floor open for shoe storage or as a clean empty space. The Flange, Three Socket Tee fittings, and support pipe make this a sturdy shelving unit.


diy corner shelf idea 0 9


Floating corner shelves are a great way to add a unique and functional design element to your home. The natural wood in this project gives the piece a rustic feel but the copper pipe add an industrial touch. You can create a similar look by painting the pipe you use.


diy corner shelf idea 0 23


Pipe and wood shelving units also look great in a farmhouse-style home. This unit fills a living room corner and provides space for decorative and functional storage. The black pipe contrasts nicely with the white walls of the room. This piece looks very impressive but is fairly simple to design and build. Make sure you securely attach the Flange fittings to the wall and floor to ensure the unit is stable.


diy corner shelf idea 0 24


A simple triangular shelf can work as a bedside or accent table. This piece is used to hold plants but you could also store books, candles, pictures, or other decorative pieces on this corner shelf. This project is mounted to the floor with Flange fittings and Three Socket Tee fittings are used to attach the support pipe.


diy corner shelf idea 0 34


This small floating corner shelf adds a simple accent to a bathroom. You just need short pieces of pipe, Flange fittings, and wood planks to create a similar shelf. By mounting this to a bathroom wall, you can add some texture and interest to the room that was otherwise missing.


diy corner shelf idea 0 4


Pipe and wood can be used to make a retro-inspired shelving unit. This funky piece could be made even simpler with Kee Klamp fittings. You can always paint the fittings to create the copper tone seen above. Or leave the pipe galvanized for a more industrial look. You will need plenty of 90° Elbow fittings to create the bends seen in this project.


diy corner shelf idea 0 35


A built-in bookshelf can help add dimension to a room and fill unused corner space. This large piece was designed with threaded pipe but a similar project could be created with Kee Klamp fittings. Flange fittings will help secure the corner bookshelf to the floor and ceiling.


diy corner shelf idea 0 30


Stained wood and black pipe are incorporated into this design to make a simple and stylish corner shelf. The shelf is floor, and not wall, mounted which gives it a unique floating appearance when you look from the side. Flange fittings are important here to make sure this is securely attached to the floor and doesn’t fall or slide around.


diy corner shelf idea 0 12


A project like this could be used as a desk or shelf. The built-in lamp adds a unique touch to this piece. This would work well in a small dorm or apartment to provide additional storage or workspace. 90° Elbow fittings and Three Socket Tee fittings are utilized in this design.


diy corner shelf idea 0 36


You don’t even need wood planks to create a functional corner shelf. This pipe and Kee Klamp unit is simple but adds an industrial look to the space. Get creative and design a similar shelf to fill any available corner in your home. Then, add a few books for a functional but interesting piece.


diy corner shelf idea 0 3


This interesting shelf works as a bedside table and bookshelf. It fills the unused corner and adds a unique design element to the room. The pipe is painted black which gives the shelf a modern feel. Use 90° Elbow fittings and medium-length pieces of pipe to build the shelf supports.


diy corner shelf idea 0 25


Shelving units don’t always have to be big. In fact, a single corner shelf like the one above can still help maximize available corner space. Plus, the copper tone of the pipe help makes this a statement piece. You can paint the pipe to make your own statement piece. To make a similar project, skip threaded pipe and use Kee Klamp fittings to make the project even easier to complete. Flange fittings and 90° Elbow fittings are necessary to build this type of project.


diy corner shelf idea 0 22


This style of shelf looks very organic and feels like it is climbing up the wall. Feel free to let your creativity flow when you are designing your own corner shelf. Incorporate 90° Elbow fittings into your design and add as many turns and additional shelves as you want.


diy corner shelf idea 0 20


Although this project wasn’t created with pipe, you could use this for inspiration and design your own pipe and Kee Klamp shelf. By using those materials, the shelving unit would have a more industrial feel. This unit looks very modern and the narrow shelves make it look like the books are floating. Flange fittings would be useful to attach a similar project to the wall.


diy corner shelf idea 0 18


Can you tell that triangular shelves are trendy? These pieces easily fit into a corner and add a unique shape to your home.This project could be used as a bedside table or an accent piece in a living room. You could even place it in a kitchen to store spices. You only need wood, small pieces of pipe, and Flange fittings to create a similar corner shelf.


diy corner shelf idea


The wide boards create a unique look for this modern shelf. Use Three Socket Tee fittings to help stabilize the pipe supporting the wooden shelf. Like the two-toned look? Paint the pipe and Kee Klamp fittings different colors to follow this design trend.


diy corner shelf idea 0 19


Maximize a corner in your laundry room or closet with shelves that sit just below the ceiling. Brett and Kelly incorporated pipe and Kee Klamp fittings into this design to act as a clothing rod. They attached the wood directly to the wall but you could also attach a similar project to the wall with Flange fittings. Follow this link for more information about how to create this project.


diy corner shelf idea 0 16


This stylish single rail shelf fills an empty corner with ease. Three Socket Tee fittings and 90° Elbow fittings are used to help the shelves branch off from the main pipe. This unit sits beside a window and gives the plants plenty of access to light. The white and gold coloring on this unit is trendy and modern but you could make this more industrial by leaving the materials unpainted.


diy corner shelf idea 0 27


Instead of buying this project, create a similar one with a few simple materials. Use a long wood plank, pipe, and a variety of Kee Klamp fittings to create a 4-tiered corner shelf. This would work well in a living room or office. This piece is free standing, so make sure to use Flange fittings on the bottom when constructing your own project.

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