Leather Inspection Table: A Big Idea Made Simple

Leather Inspection Table

Have you ever heard of the Television show "How it’s Made"? It’s a documentary series on the Science Channel showing how everyday items are manufactured. It’s quite fascinating!

Think of this post as one of those episodes, and on Today’s “episode”, we’re discussing leather and Kee Klamps.

Consider the leather on your couch, your car seats, or even those lounge chairs in the lobby of your office. If you want true quality, leather needs to be inspected by a sharp, well trained eye before it covers that classy sofa.

The process of inspecting leather takes time and great attention to detail, and the furniture designers at Teknion Studio needed a proper inspection process to protect the integrity behind their leather furniture.

Leather comes from cowhides, and cowhides are sent to the manufacturer quite distressed. From tick bites to farmer’s brandings, leathers have “experienced various environmental elements.”

"Leather furniture has long been associated with high quality, designer interiors...however, some are soon to forget that it is a natural occurring resource coming from cow hides, [and] not every hide is perfect..." Teknion Studio, Furniture Designers

Teknion had several ideas to implement the most effective and efficient process, from inspecting the hides during the pattern cutting stage, to buying an inspection table on the market. However, buying a prefabricated table was just way too expensive. So the solution: To create their own!
Teknion Studio’s had a very specific need. So they reached out to our Simplified Building Projects team for a custom, cost effective leather inspection table. The end result was just what they were looking for!

Leather Inspection Table

Craig, from Teknion, sent us their design to us, and using pipe and Kee Klamps, Josh mapped out the plans to bring it to life.

Leather Inspection Table

Leather Inspection Table

The table is large enough to fit a sizeable leather hide, and the Kee Klamp Fitting, 21-7, angled the table just right to provide sufficient lighting for the inspector.

Leather Inspection Table

"Upon arrival of the leather hides the inspector places the leather hide over the stand with overhead lighting so they are able to identify the slightest of flaws. [The inspector then sends the piece to the cutter]...not having the cutter stop to inspect a hide before they start placing the pattern on the leather upholstery, saves both time and labor..."


Leather Inspection Table

It’s a win for all of us when hear our customers saving time and labor!

When customers present us with a project that meets a specific need, it’s exciting for us to be part of the production process. We get to use our creative side to offer simple solutions and the best products for the job. And even better...your big idea becomes reality!

Teknion Studios said it best:

"Ingenuity and creativity, partnered two unlikely businesses to create better processes and procedures for success."

You can make just about anything with Kee Klamps and pipe. The hardest part is just deciding on what you want to create!

Reach out to us at projects@simplifiedbuilding.com if you need some inspiration or need help making your ideas come to life!

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