Keep Your Cows Cool with this Portable Device

Shade Haven Portable Shade for Cattle

When Peter from Shade Haven sent us pictures of their Shade Haven Portable Shade for Cattle

Shade Haven's primary product is a portable shade structure that can be moved around the field. The purpose of the structure is to keep cows cool, making them more productive milkers. They quote a stack of scientific opinion on their web site that demonstrates the profitability of shading your cattle from the hot summer sun.

Their web site says this about the product:

Shade is an essential part of any rotational grazing system. Portable shade is the smart farmer's answer to treeless fields and exposed paddocks. The Shade Haven is easy to move and quick to set up giving your animals relief where they need it.

The Shade Haven's unique, patented, round shape maximizes the amount of shade while minimizing the area of the supporting structure.

Shade Haven's shade structure is a thing of beauty. Watch the video above to capture the elegance of this high-quality shading device. The Kee Klamp fittings are used to attach and support the outriggers that shade the animals. Kee Klamp provides a strong, secure connection and makes the unit easier to manufacture, ship and store.

Shade Haven Portable Shade for Cattle

The entire unit is made for mobility. The shade unit is retractable and is made to be towable, even on the highway.

We commend Shade Haven for their ingenuity and wish them success in their endeavor. Find out more about Shade Haven on their web site:

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