Information Systems Wrap Around Work Station [Desk Week]

Desk Week Information Systems Wrap Around Work Station

Desk Week - September is a time when people are thinking about work. We have a lot of customers who end up building desks to help them get their work done. We'll be featuring a series of desks this week to show you what some of our customers are doing with Kee Klamp fittings and pipe.

Created By

Brittany D.


Create a wrap around workstation with plenty of desktop space and under desk storage.


Brittany used the IKEA desktops that are readily available at most IKEA stores. She joined four of these desktops together to make a complete wrap around desk.

Each desk is effectively independent.

Both workstations have ergonomic computer trays that are attached to the bottom of the desk.

She was able to specify the height of the desk so that a storage bin rack could fit perfectly underneath.

Thin metal panels were attached to the outside of the desk.

Building Tips

Brittany chose versatility by making each desk sit on it's own independent foundation. Each of these desks could be used separately in the future.

The metal modesty panels are a great addition to the desk. They can be used to hide the wires that are running underneath the desk.

Parts Used in this Desk

Instead of ordering different pieces and parts, Brittany used four Simple Table Basic kits.

Customer Quote

Thank you so much for your assistance with everything. Simplified Building really went above and beyond for me on this one and I truly appreciate it.

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Information Systems Wrap Around Work Station


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