How to Build a Weber® Grill Table

BBQ Table

Looking to build a table for a Weber® grill or a similar round charcoal grill? Then, we've got you covered.

The project featured here was built by Peter in Santa Rosa, California. Peter also built an outdoor kitchen sink directly next to the grilling table. In this post, we cover both of Peter's projects in-depth and the materials he used to put them together to hopefully inspire your own build! Let's get started:

Peter's DIY BBQ Table

Smoking Table

Peter put together an entire outdoor kitchen area complete with a grilling station, sink, and wood fire oven. The table actually features a Primo Grill, but the design is similiar to circular charcoal grills by Weber® and many other grill manufacturers.

To build the grilling table and to mount sink to the concrete wall, Peter used Kee Klamp fittings.

Kee Klamp fittings are similar to traditional pipe fittings, however, instead of using a threaded connection, Kee Klamp fittings slide over pipe. They can then be secured in place by tightening down a set screw on the fitting. This generally makes them much easier to use than traditional fittings.

Additionally, Kee Klamp fittings allow for adjustability. For example, many of our customers build adjustable height desks using Kee Klamp. In Peter's case, the shelf (where the bottom of the grill rests) can actually be moved up or down.

The shelf was built using pallet wood and utilizes the Single Socket Tee fitting and the M50 fitting. The Single Socket Tee is used to create the middle brace at each end of the table frame. Attached to this brace is the M50 fitting. From there, the shelf is attached to the M50. This fitting has a tab with a hole in it enabling it to be used to attach platforms to a pipe frame. The P50 fitting can also be used in the same way.

The table top is a custom 12 gauge slab of metal with a hole cut out of the center to allow the grill to sit inside. The hole was originally cut by the metal supply shop using a water jet. Peter then expanded the hole using an air powered cut off tool to allow for more room. The table is 7' long by 2'8" deep.

To attach the table top to the frame, the Flange fitting was used. This fitting has a socket on one end with a circular mounting plate on the other. This mounting plate has four countersunk holes in it for mounting.

The Single Socket Tee and Flange fitting can be purchased separately. However, we do offer a table kit that can be ordered to your desired dimensions, which is the route Peter took when building this table. Find our full list of table kits here.

BBQ Table Sink


  • Length: Configurable (Standard 84")
  • Depth: Configurable (Standard 33")
  • Height: Configurable (Standard 42")


  • clock One Hour
  • wrench Allen Key, Hardware to Attach Tabletop to Frame

What's included:

All of the pipe and fittings needed to assemble the table frame.

What's not:

Tabletop, Hardware to Attach Tabletop to Frame, Tools, a Grill

DIY Outdoor Kitchen Sink

Grilling BBQ Table

Now, let's take a look at Peter's outdoor sink. The old 1930's enameled cast iron sink is 4'6" by 2' and is actually mounted to the concrete wall.

Outdoor BBQ Table

To do this, Peter used the Standard Railing Flange and the Adjustable Angle Base Flange (which can be used to create an angle between 11 and 30 degrees). These fittings were used to mount the sink frame to the wall using Tapcon blue concrete screws.

Cooking Table

Grilling Table

If you're looking to build an outdoor grilling table, station, or an entire kitchen area just like Peter did, we can help. Our Kee Klamp fittings are perfect for the job and with over 80 different types of fittings in our inventory, you can build almost any type of project imaginable.

If you need any help with your project, don't hesitate to reach out to our team. We offer free design assistance and we'll work with you to come up with the perfect design for your project. Our team can be reached by emailing or by visiting our help page here.

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