Engineered Adjustable Rigging Clamps

Connecting a welded rigging point to existing steelwork can get messy quick. Considering the cost of specialized labor, permits and possible shutdowns to do the work; the price tag on installation is very high! At the end of the process who certifies the weld to guarantee that it will hold a certain amount of weight? It is precisely these problems that an engineered rigging clamp aims to solve. Engineered rigging clamps are easy to install. No welding or expensive processes are required, only a few simple hand tools. Engineered rigging clamps are also designed to have a safe working load that can be calculated and guaranteed.

Here are two of the engineered rigging points that are currently available.

Adjustable Beam Rigging Clamp

Adjustable Beam Rigging Clamp

TheAdjustable Rigging Clampis a self adjusting, ready to install rigging clamp capable of safe working loads of up to 5,000 lbs. The shackle connection allows loads to be applied up to 45. The Adjustable Rigging Clamp can accommodate a variety of flange widths and thickness and is installed without the need for any drilling or welding to the support beam. Find out More


BoxBolt Rigging Clamp for Hollow Structural Steel (HSS)

BoxBolt Rigging Clamp for Hollow Structural Steel (HSS)

TheBoxBolt Rigging Clampis a means of attaching an anchor point toHollow Structural Sections (HSS)and other structural members when access is available from only one side.

The standard BoxBolt Rigging Clamp utilizesHot Dip Galvanized M12 size 1 BoxBoltsand a load ring welded to a custom fabricated anchor plate that allows for Safe Working Loads up to 5000 lbs. Find out More


Custom Rigging Points

Both of these rigging points can be customized to meet the needs of your exact circumstance. If you need a custom rigging point please contact us directly.

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