DIY Modern Loft Railing

Modern Stair Railing

Railing doesn't have to look bland, ugly and boring. It can be beautiful too and function as a crucial part to a home's aesthetics (on top of being a functional piece of equipment).

This modern railing in one of our customer's home, Patrick M. in Nashville, Tennessee, serves as a perfect representation to that statement. The custom built railing is constructed from Kee Klamp fittings and pipe. We're going to cover the details of Patrick's modern stair railing and how you can build your own.

Patrick's Modern Stair Railing Project

Modern Stair Railing

Patrick's railing is a custom solution built from Kee Klamp fittings and pipe. These fittings work by sliding onto a length of pipe and tightening down using a set screw (that can be loosened or tightened using an Allen Wrench).

The railing is made up of two sections. The first starts at the base of the stairs and connects to a post halfway up using a Swivel Flange fitting. It is also mounted to the staircase steps using the Railing Flange and the 30 to 60 Degree Single Socket Tee is used to match the angle of the handrail to the angle of the staircase.

The second half of the railing starts from the post and works its way up to the second floor where it connects to a safety railing.

Modern Loft Railing

This safety railing runs along the edge of the second floor and prevents people from falling. This railing is connected to both the ground and wall in multiple positions using the Railing Flange and Wall Flange fittings, respectively. It also features a wire grid to provide additional safety and accent the railing. This wire grid is attached to the railing using a set of Single Sided and Double Side Clips.

DIY Modern Loft Railing

To complete the look, the entire railing was painted in a white powder-coated finish which we believe pairs well with the warm-colored, wood flooring. Overall, the railing looks great and is extremely sturdy.

Loft Railing Fittings

While Patrick's railing is a custom design, we've gone ahead and listed all the specific fittings used in the project below. So if you have a similar layout in your home, and want to build a railing just like the one Patrick built, you can simply add the following fittings to your cart.

However, we know that each railing application is different, so feel free to browse our selection of pipe fittings or reach out to our projects team for free design assistance.

How to Use Each Fitting

To illustrate the function of each fitting, the diagram below should give you a better idea of how each fitting is used in Patrick's railing:

DIY Modern Loft Railing

Briefly, the staircase railing connects to the safety railing using a 90 Degree Elbow. It is also attached to the wall using the Wall Mounted Handrail Bracket. This provide extra support to the handrail.

At the top of the safety railing is Side Outlet Elbow to connect the handrail. A Three Socket Tee is used to attach the middle post to the top handrail.

At the base of the safety railing, Railing Flange fittings are used to attach the railing to the ground and over at the end of the railing, Wall Flange fittings are used to attach the railing to the wall. Each flange fitting has countersunk holes in it for mounting to a surface.

Lastly, the Single and Double Sided Clips are used to attach the wire grid. These clips use two parts. One slides over the pipe handrail and other slides over the wire grid, they are then attached together using a bolt.

Modern Stair Railing

Each railing application is different. However, we do havestair railing kits that fit a variety of different situations. If you need to install a railing in or around your house, we'd recommend checking them out first.

If you need a custom solution like the railing Patrick built, and are unsure what it will look like or what you'll need, reach out to our team for help. We offer free design assistance and will work with you to come up with perfect fit for your application.

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