DIY Garage Workbench Built with Pipe

DIY Garage Workbench

American Do-It-Yourself Garage is a self-service repair shop in Virginia Beach, VA where people can rent car bays, lifts, and tools to work on their vehicles. This allows those who don't have the space, or the tools needed, a chance to make their own car repairs and save a lot of money in the process. The garage is fully equipped with 8 car bays that include workbenches, fully equipped tool boxes, compressed air, and anything else you would need to work on your car.

In this article, we're going to focus on the workbenches featured in this garage. How they were built, how you can build your own, and any other important details you should know. Let's take a look:

Project Details

DIY Garage Workbench

The workbenches in this garage are built using Kee Klamp fittings and pipe for the frame paired with a stainless steel table top. The table tops are from Shop Storage Cabinets and are 84" wide, 24" deep, and 1 1/4" thick. The frame itself is a custom Simple Table kit that sits just inside the table top to create a strong and sturdy work platform. There are 10 tables total in the shop (one at each car bay and two others).

DIY Garage Workbench

Steve, the owner of American DIY Garage, came to Simplified Building to create the workbenches in his shop because he was able to create a custom solution that fit to his required dimensions perfectly:

"I could set it up per my dimensions and it'd fit perfect where and how I wanted it to fit. No worries about having to find the perfect workbench somewhere and hoping it worked."

Steve also liked the look of the pipe aesthetic and that he could continue the look throughout the garage. Most importantly though, he appreciated the strength and sturdiness of using Kee Klamp and pipe to build the workbenches:

"The stuff's strong and sturdy, no worries about it buckling or falling apart."

DIY Garage Workbench

DIY Garage Workbench

Fittings & Pipe Used in the Workbench Frame

Each table utilizes the following fittings and pipe:

How to Assemble the Workbench

Garage Workbench Plans

Figure 1

Just like any other Kee Klamp project, the exact order in which you assemble the project is up to you. However, we have provided the recommended steps below. Follow the diagrams and instructions provided, to build a workbench just like the one Steve built for the American DIY Garage.

Garage Workbench Plans

Figure 2

First, start by laying out four Flange fittings on the ground. Then take the four lengths of pipe, used for the workbench frame, and individually insert each into each of the Flange fittings. Tighten down the set screw to secure the fitting to the pipe.

Garage Workbench Plans

Figure 3

From there, lay out the fittings used for the horizontal support. This will include three lengths of pipe (in this case, two 17" and one 62" lengths of pipe), two Side Outlet Tee fittings, and two Single Socket Tee fittings. Then, following the diagram above (Figure 3) connect the fittings to the pipe. Tighten down the set screw to each fitting to secure it to the pipe.

Garage Workbench Plans

Figure 4

Once the horizontal support is assembled, it can be added to the four legs assembled in the previous steps. You can slide this support onto each of the legs or insert each leg individually. Whichever is easiest for you. Each leg will slide into the open socket on one of the fittings on the horizontal support. Again, tighten down the set screw to secure the fitting to the pipe.

Garage Workbench Plans

Figure 5

From there, the Flange fittings, used to attach the table top to the frame can be added. Slide each Flange onto the open end of pipe. Then tighten down the set screw to secure the fitting to the pipe.

Garage Workbench Plans

Figure 6

Finally, the table top can be added to the workbench frame. Place the table top on top of the frame and Flange fittings. Each Flange fitting has four holes in it for attaching to the table top (shown below in Figure 7). Use the appropriate hardware to attach your table top.

Garage Workbench Plans

Figure 7


Garage Workbench Plans

Figure 8

That's it! You should now have a complete workbench as pictured above in Figure 8.

Remember, the workbench frame height, width, and depth are all configurable based on the size pipe you decide to go with. Try browsing our Kee Klamp fittings inventory, or go straight to our Simple Table kit page, to find a solution that will work for you. If for any reason, you find that you need help designing your workbench, or with the assembly process, please don't hesitate to reach out to our projects team. Our team is experienced in building similar projects and offers free design assistance to help create your perfect project. Finally, be sure to sign up to our email newsletter below, to receive updates on futures projects like this one.

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