10 Deck Railing Designs & Ideas

small back deck with handrails

When it comes to your deck, there are many different styles and sizes, and choosing the best railing to accompany your deck is important to enhancing the look and providing greater safety for you and your guests.

The adaptable component-based handrails we provide can be the solution to your next deck project. Our customers have greatly appreciated the flexibility and customization of the pipe and fitting design. Here are 10 designs and ideas to assist you with building or modifying your deck railing.

Balcony Deck Railing

large balcony handrail with forest view

Bruce and Claudette built this deck for their 3-story house in Montana, and they had originally used 2x4’s and 4x4’s for the railing. However, the wood quickly deteriorated and additionally blocked the view of the nearby mountains. They then decided to go online and find a pipe railing system. They found Simplified Building and fell in love with the look and durability of the railing and were glad that the railing was maintenance-free, making their lives easier.

Metal and Wood Deck Railing

wood deck with metal and cable railing

Eliot in New Rochelle, New York built this deck railing using composite lumber posts for the uprights, pipe and fittings for the horizontal railing, and a Wall Mount Simple Handrail. Eliot mentioned that the Kee Klamp fittings do not react with the composite lumber and stain as rusting steel, or iron would. In order to attach the pipe railing to the posts, a Flange fitting is used.

On the railing and the staircase, our ADA fittings are used to create a smooth railing. The fittings used in this project include the Wall Mounted End Return and the Internal Coupling.

Deck and Staircase Railing

large back deck with metal railing

This railing, built by Gary in Virginia, is a custom design that makes great use of our Kee Klamp fittings. Here’s what he had to say about the project:

1) I built a railing for my deck in my back yard
2) You were the only site I could find that used 1 ½” piping for deck railing
3) Your product is of the highest quality and looks it too
4) The product was shipped out within a week of ordering it and it went to together with ease.
5) It was exactly what I was looking for.
6) In addition, your team was very professional, the website was awesome, and your personal answer the phone on the first or second ring when I called.
PS. I will recommend your product to everyone.

Wood Deck Railing

wood deck ramp with metal railing

Another railing combo with wood and pipe fittings. This railing was built by Scott in Arkansas, and while this deck and ramp has an already existing wood build, the metal railing allow for people to grab the handrail fully. This is something to consider if you have a wood deck/ramp because a metal railing may provide a better handrail for guests or elderly family members to hold on to. 

Large Deck Railing

concrete back deck with metal railing

Carl had a large deck railing project that was made easier with Kee Klamp fittings. Using the modular pipe and fittings for the deck and stairs made fitting the railing to the shape of the deck a much simpler task.

Back Steps Deck Railing

deck steps with metal handrail

Ken wanted to install a handrail that would make it easier for guests to get up his back deck landing and steps. He built this railing system with a combination of Top Fix Rail Assembly fitting, a Variable Angle fitting, and ADA Internal Coupling.

Simple Back Deck Railing

wooden deck with metal handrail

This deck railing was built by one of our team members at Simplified Building, Michael Braun. Michael designed this composite desk for his family’s beautifully landscaped backyard. He installed two Classic Offset Surface Mount Railing kits for the stairs to complete his backyard project.

Mounted Metal Railing with Wood Deck

back deck with mounted railing

Edward wanted to build a handrail for these stairs attached to his back deck. He wanted a railing that to assist going up and down these stairs, especially in the winter when the steps become icy. This custom built railing uses Top Fix Rail Assembly, a Standard Railing Flange, and a Wall Mounted Handrail Bracket.

Pool Deck Railing

wooden pool stairs with metal railing

This deck/staircase was built by John in Texas, and to accompany the wooden staircase, John built wood posts to create the railing uprights. He then used Kee Klamp fittings and pipe to create the handrail. In order to attach the handrail to the posts, he used the Swivel Flange.

Back Deck Railing

small back deck with handrails

Charlie and Barbara need a railing to their deck safer. Only one side of their deck was exposed so they needed a railing for this side and the two steps up to it. Using a Classic Adjustable Hybrid Simple Handrail, the resulting railing extends from the house along the deck and then opens up at the steps up to it.

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