Computer Standing Desk with Adjustable Shelf Storage

Customer Standing Desk

With all the bad news about sitting on your butt these days, standing desks are all the rage. I use one myself on a regular basis and have posted many projects about customer-built standing desks on this site. Meachell from Nevada got inspired and built this standing desk. Here's what she had to say about her desk:

My husband and I built this standing desk for our use at home. We used poplar for the top and lower shelf. The Kee Klamps made assembly VERY easy. The height of the shelf is adjustable to suit individual needs. Now, all of our friends want one....

This is the kind of thing we love to read, "Kee Klamps made assembly VERY easy". Meachell or her husband may not be expert wood workers, but that doesn't stop them from building a customized desk to meet their own needs. Kee Klamp fittings are definitely more expensive than wood, but they enable 'the rest of us' to be able to build custom structures without building expertise.

Building this standing desk themselves made it possible for them to build the desk to the exact height that was appropriate for their family.

Customer Standing Desk

We hope you'll get inspired to build your own Kee Klamp structure. If you do, be sure to send us pictures and we'll send you a Simplified T-shirt, just like the one we're sending to Meachell!

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