5+ Clothing Racks for Suit Jackets

clothing rack with suit jackets

Whether for your business, office, or your own personal closet. Having the right clothing rack that can support heavier clothing like suit jackets is something we can overlook. For your business, a sturdy clothing rack along with the ability to display as much of your inventory can go a long way. And for your office or closet, something adaptable to your space while providing the stylish look and stability you require. 

Rather than hanging your jackets on the backs of your chair or stuffing them into a small closet. Here are a handful of clothing rack designs for your suit jackets.

Four-Way Clothing Rack

four sided clothing rack

This Four-Way Clothing Rack can be perfect for your suit jackets or overcoats. Having this in either your home or the office can be perfect for storing jackets instead of leaving them on the backs of your chairs. This rack is customizable to different heights to best accommodate where you intend to use it.

Wall Mounted Clothing Rack

large retail store clothing racks

This Double Wall Mounted Clothing Rack is perfect for clothing stores to show off multiple styles and varieties of suit jackets, and can be perfect for offices or closets in order to store more jackets within the vertical space. This can be easily installed with our Flange fittings and 90° Elbow fittings.

Wall Mounted Shelved Clothing Rack

clothing rack with suit jackets

Philippe Hass Bespoke Tailoring incorporated shelving into this wall-mounted clothing rack to create more space for the presentation of their products by using Single Socket Tee fittings.

Stylish Clothing and Shoe Rack

small clothing rack with wood shelves

A smaller clothing rack, but one that is perfect for your closet. This design can perfectly hold you suit jackets and with the use of the shelving, can also hold your dress shoes or other clothing items. This project is built using Three Socket Tees and are supported by 90° Elbow fittings.

Rolling Clothing Rack 

rolling metal clothing rack

A rolling clothing rack can be perfect for a showroom floor so that you can wheel around multiple suit jackets close to fitting rooms or to create mobile space for your inventory. This version of the rolling clothing rack features a simple design that has a single bar for hanging the clothing along with four casters (with or without wheel locks) at the bottom for easy mobility.

Wall-Mounted Clothing Rack Display

metal clothing rack with variety of clothing

This wall-mounted clothing rack display is perfect for suit jackets because it gives you the ability to display them both front facing and side facing. Creating more display and storing options. They’re mounted using the Flange fitting, the horizontal bar is supported by the Single Socket Tee fitting, and the shelving on top is attached using the M50 fitting.

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