Adjustable Desk/Drafting Table

This is a desk / drafting table designed by Sam with Google's free SketchUp program. The fittings make it possible to adjust and customize this desk in any way you see fit. The shelves can be swung out in any direction and can be raised and lowered. The fittings are durable so you can tear this down, move it, and it will last assembly after assembly. You might also use the pipe monitor mounts, mentioned previously in out blog , to attach computer monitors to the structure.

Sam is our primary customer service rep, so if you have questions about the desk feel free to give him a call. He will be glad to help you design-build your own desk.

Simple Table™ Kits

  • Modern, minimalistic look
  • Easy to assemble
  • Customize the height and width
  • Heavy-duty construction
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