ICC BoxBolt - Certified ICC ESR 3217

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Product Description

The First Blind Bolt Connection to be Recognized by ICC-ES

The ICC BoxBolt has become the first blind anchor bolt to achieve certification from the ICC accrediting agency (ESR 3217). The BoxBolt provides guaranteed loading capacity providing that the correct tightening torque has been applied. This is stated in our installation guidelines. The loads stated are based on physical testing of all conditions performed by an ICC accredited testing facility. See the technical documentation listed below.

BoxBolt™ is suitable for use with rectangular, square and circular steelwork sections, or other types of metalwork where access is restricted to one side only.

BoxBolt is a blind bolt connector that can be tightened down from one side. The hexagonal sleeve allows it to be held in position with an open ended wrench while a torque wrench is used to tighten the core bolt. As the core bolt is tightened the threaded wedge is drawn up inside the body, the fins expand, and a secure connection is made.

Consult the technical data listed below for minimum and maximum clamping ranges.

To reduce installation time, a one piece accessory called the BoxSok™ can be used to attach to most air and power tools.

Get more information about BoxBolt Blind Connectors on the product information page.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Kee Safety
Brand Box Bolt
Material Steel
Finish Geomet 320 XL
Setscrew Length N/A
Bolt Size N/A
Bolt Diameter N/A
Hole Diameter N/A
Bolt Head Hexagon
ICC Approved Approved
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